Guys, I have an alarming admission to make/  I had breakfast cereal for dinner.  It was a Chocolate Chex – Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Maple Syrup Eggos – Captain Crunch medley with oat milk and almond butter.  I feel like I’m two weeks out from doing my grocery shopping in my bathrobe and slippers.  I need someone to talk me down.

So I thought now might be a good time to do another fan zoom chat.  I’ve done two and, to date, they’ve gone fairly well.  I think.  I mean, no one has been injured.  Not seriously anyway.  So, knowing that, I’ll be randomly selecting three blog readers to join me for a zoom chat in the coming weeks.  Topics may include Dark Matter, Stargate, science fiction, dogs, and my suspect meal choices.  Just leave a message in the comment section of today’s entry for a chance at listening to me talk about Maple Syrup Eggos (in the run up to my TED Talk on the same topic).

Okay now, this is important…


This answer is shrimp of course.

A reminder that our Crime Club reconvenes tomorrow to discuss Uncut Gems.  It’s a movie that has received some, er, “mixed responses” from friends, so I look forward to reading your takes.

32 thoughts on “October 1, 2020: Let’s chat!

  1. Throw my name into the hat! Would love to listen in on one of your chats 🙂

    1. Am I too late to throw my name into the hat? I’ve been a bit lax in following your blog over the last few weeks as we’ve been on holiday, but tomorrow we’re going back home and I’d definitely have time for a chat.

      Pasta it is for me, by the way.

  2. Sorry but as far as I’m concerned any type of fish not just the fried one can go. I have a memorable incident involving polent served as a side dish for fried fish and a client with no hair from the time SGU was still on air. No fish for me thank you.

  3. Let your freak flag fly — I’ll eat steak for breakfast and Life cereal (my weakness) for dinner, if the mood strikes me. And, even entire days of Hostess’ crumble donettes have occurred. Not that my way should be emulated, but it sure is fun. You just have to be ridiculously healthy all the other days, which is a drag.

    I didn’t know that by my late 30s I’d already be an “old” tech Luddite, but so it’s happened — I just discovered twitter, and your blog, very recently, but I’ve loved your work since my mid teens. I’ve just been re-binging SG1 and I’ve realized how much of my approach to life and career was shaped by the show. (Along with a welcome source of catharsis.)

    Steak beats out shrimp, bro.

  4. Breakfast cereal for dinner? Already been there many a time, my friend. LOL. Speaking of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, if you remember I have it on good authority from that random Vancouver Skytrain dude that CTC is practically life-changing in its awesomeness. I have tried it since that, um, incident and found I didn’t quite get the transcendent experience promised, but it was pretty sugary. Simple carbo-powerboost, FTW!

    Since it is promising to be cloudy with showers here tomorrow, I am going to watch that Uncut Gems movie, which I’m sure lives up to the quality promised by its name!

  5. I think they can all go EXCEPT the fried chicken. I can’t choose just one to go! Pizza is that only item in the list I eat regularly, but I love me some fried chicken!

  6. Our Zoom chat a couple of weeks ago was great! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Either shrimp or crab legs can go. I don’t really care which one. It was an easy choice. Now, if we had to choose only one to keep and get rid of the rest . . . that’s a much harder question!

    I started watching “Uncut Gems” last night and stopped after about 40 minutes. It was hard going. If I feel up to another 1.5 hours of the same tonight then I might watch the rest. I’m on the fence. I think you really need to be in the right mood for a movie like this.

  7. Not only will I talk you down, but also recommend a niche cereal choice: Oh’s. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to converse with the man responsible for assimilating, arguably, the best ensemble for the production of Dark Matter. If uniqueness earns me any points in this entry, please consider this video:

  8. My breakfast today was fresh salmon (its cheap over here), lettuce, lots of ginger, cappuccino and orange juice. I don’t think I could have that breakfast cereal you shared even for breakfast.
    If I do a cereal it’s porridge with butter and milk, or weetbix with coconut milk and blueberries which are cheap in season.

    Man, that food you display reminds me of the first trip to USA, which was LA and Chicago. I swear the Americans put butter or cream in EVERY thing. I put on 6 pounds. And it was near impossible to find something that approximated vegetables or salad. Everything came out of a can.

    Put me in the lottery pleaaaaassssseeee.

  9. Steak forever.
    Breakfast is usually a banana with collagen protein in my coffee. Sometimes it is protein cereal, eggs in some form, or an overnight oat mix with 0 fage yogurt, skim milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, vanilla, and throw in some kind of fruit when ready to eat. Breakfast for dinner is always good.

  10. I’d love to see you do grocery shopping in your bathrobe and slippers. LOL
    p/s: I’ll give my vote to … Ponytail. 🙂

  11. Put my name in the hat for a chat. I think cereal for breakfast can sometimes be ok especially if you have nothing else to eat. I perfer a little healthier cereal but some of the sweet ones can do the job just fine and help with any sugar cravings.

  12. I pick crab legs. I wonder if it was reversed, which one would you keep? That would be excruciatingly difficult. I love tacos, pizza, pasta and burgers.

    Never heard of Eggos until Stranger Things. We don’t get those cereals in Australia, unless you go to an International food store and pay heaps. Can’t eat all of that now. It’s porridge, Weetbix or eggs for me.

    Count me in for a chat. I’ll even wake up early. 🤣

    Cheers Chev

  13. You’re right, shrimp isn’t a thrill, but popcorn shrimp isn’t bad if cooked right. Would love to be one of your blog reader choices some day. I’ve never zoomed, though. Not even in a trusty sport model flying saucer. Your breakfast choices are excellent but if I partook of them, my eyes would bug out & I’d probably lose a foot from the diabetic shock. What’s oat milk taste like? Never had almond butter, but I’m open to both. Also, would love to interview you for my podcast. You have a knack for comedy, which is kinda where I’d go along with Stargate & Dark Matter stuff.

  14. Why not cereal for dinner?
    Pasta can go. It’s garbage by itself, and is only elevated by whatever else you put on it.

  15. Your dinner sounds amazing. Seriously. I adore cereal, though my faves are Fruit Loops, Honeycomb, and Golden Grahams. And ahhh, the sugar high afterward… oh, and Count Chocula. My fave when I was a kid, especially those little chocolate marshmallows. Hope you are well and that the all of the projects are coming along nicely.

  16. I’d love to join a zoom call! Dark Matter is my favorite show of all time, and I’m actually just going through another rewatch right now with my friend 🙂 I’m also of course a fan of your blog (and of Suji!)

  17. Crab legs can go in my opinion. Have you ever caught and cooked your own crabs? I did when I was a kid. My mother made me hold a piece of aluminum foil over the pot to keep the crabs from climbing out because we didn’t have a lid.

  18. I agree, shrimp is the choice.

    Cereal for dinner? Once in a while is not bad.

  19. We have to work on that cereal selection but the wardrobe sounds fine to me!

  20. Having breakfast cereal for dinner, sometimes makes it the best meal choice – although I did have to Google the names of some of those cereals (as we don’t have them here) and it certainly sounds like an interesting mix.

    I will confess though, I freaked out a little at the Maple Syrup Eggos because I had no idea what they were (again, we don’t have them here) and for a moment, I thought you put maple syrup on eggs. Thankfully, I discovered it was the brand name for waffles, so it’s all good! I feel like I need to think of the weirdest food we have here in Ireland though and compile a list to compare.

  21. How did I miss this? Crab legs can go, such a pain in the ass. I love shrimp, but specifically tamarind or coconut shrimp freshly prepared at a beach restaurant in Mexico, with chairs in the sand and a guy on guitar singing old rock songs, but you can tell he doesn’t speak English as the lyrics are just a bit off. Shrimp as big as your fist. Or tempura shrimp in Japan…. I love that too. Frozen shrimp at Red Lobster is an abomination, as well as anything which passes for shrimp in fast food “baskets”.

  22. God dammit cereal is good, I always say I’ll just have one bowl but it’s never one bowl. I haven’t bought it regularly in a good 30 years, right now it’s this super forbidden treat I have once or twice a year then feel horribly guilty about those delicious carbs. Oreo Cookie cereal, Chocolate Ohs with the crumbly bits in the center of each Oh and Strawberry Special K. Oh, I should I add I feel guilty because I can scarf an entire box of cereal in a day, it is my kryptonite.

  23. There’s no need to talk you down, Man. You’re on the right track. This is the Great Reset. Embrace it (the personal habits and preferences version, not the world currency version).

    I used to help man Girl Scout cookie booths and you wouldn’t believe how many people shop in sleep pants in this town on Sunday mornings. It’s like they’re a club.

  24. I think if anything, it would be more difficult to choose which one to keep and which others to lose.

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