Those who know me know that I’m a huge anime fan. Back in Vancouver, my collection was 3000 dvd’s deep. So it should come as no surprise that Dark Matter was heavily influenced by the genre, everything from the character of FOUR and his connection to the Principality of Zairon to FIVE who is a kindred spirit to Cowboy Bebop’s Radical Edward. One of my favorite visuals from the world of anime is the tiny girl with the giant gun, seen in the likes of Iria from Iria Zeiram the Animation, Seras Victoria in Hellsing, and, most recently, Mine and her beloved Pumpkin in Akame Ga Kill. During the season 1 gallery shoot, Jodelle was posing for photos when I handed her a prop – Bubba, THREE’s oversized gun, and we snapped a bunch of pics. Seeing her wielding that oversized weapon, I realized I would have to write it into an upcoming season 2 story.

Hey, if you ever get the chance, you should definitely check out the Dark Matter subreddit.  Lots of great discussions and posts from fellow Dark Matter fans.  Like this one I found particularly touching…

Wholesome content and the purity of platonic relationships. ( Five + guys) [ SPOILERS] from DarkMatter

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

5 thoughts on “September 30, 2020: And one from the Dark Matter vault!

  1. What a nice post about Dark Matter, but it does not surprise me at all. The entire series was amazing and had a big effect on so many people. I still miss it terribly and will never give up the idea that we can get some resolution. The fan base is definitely still there!

  2. Wow, I miss Bubba and I’m hoping Bubba will pop up in your next series. My favorite girl with a gun is Karen Sisco getting her shotgun to stop a prison break in Out of Sight, tied with Trinity’s cool, calm and collected but kicking entrance in Matrix.

  3. It seems like most TV shows go out of their way to sexualize female teenage characters and I always appreciated how Dark Matter went the opposite direction with Five, right down to her wardrobe.

  4. Another bit of good news is that after all the posts from animal rescue groups on fb, someone finally adopted one after seeing the post I shared! That gave me the warm fuzzies. We all need some good news.

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