Let’s kick things off with a little Yes/No compliments of one Alex Mallari Jr. who hit me up with this this morning…

I’ll be honest.  It’s a yes from me (although the honey is optional).  There’s a place here in Toronto called Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken that does a version of this – but it’s about a 45 minute walk from my place.


How many calories would 90 minutes of brisk walking burn off?  Instead of calories, please answer in the form of number of fried chicken ice cream sandwiches.

A few pics from the SGU vault…

Stargate-universe-10 Stargate-universe-11 Stargate-universe-12 Stargate-universe-13 Stargate-universe-14

Great time on that show.

Almost finished my first pass on the Project F series overview and am now reconsidering my attack on the pilot summary.  I think I need to make it less plot-driven and more character-focused to balance the high-concept sci-fi trappings.  Something to contemplate…just as soon as I finish this final section on ontology, the analogous nature of morality, the transcendental bonds of camaraderie, and mobile satellite platforms with fully automated defense systems.

Alas, our Crime Club discussion on Sexy Beast will be delayed yet again.  But I promise we’ll get to it this Friday.


10 thoughts on “September 21, 2020: Yes/No, SGU, and mobile satellite platforms with fully automated defense systems!

  1. The biggest issue I have with that sandwich as pictured (other the whole dairy thing of course, but that can be worked around) is that the bun looks wilted. And that’s just off-putting.

    Still really miss SGU. Those pictures again bring back what a shame it was that the show was ended way too soon.

    Project F surely sounds like it’s interesting!

  2. I too have been thinking about mobile satellite platforms with fully automated defense systems, the future of geo / extra-geopolitics, and the age-old problem / entrepreneurial opportunity that it’s so much easier to destroy / sully than create / clean.

  3. That’s a big no from me. I don’t like cold and hot food together. That’s why I can’t eat ice cream on apple pie.

    I haven’t watched SGU since it first aired. I will definitely do a re-watch once I’ve finished with SGA.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on “Sexy Beast”. It was . . . interesting.

  4. Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy the behind the scenes ones you post. I probably would try one of those sandwiches though I’m skeptical about my enjoyment level, but have to try at least. Good luck with Project F. Sounds intriguing. Definitely need character driven in balance with plot driven. The characters are what makes the show. Have to care about them in order to enjoy plot.

  5. Sugar Land is just about a 45 minute drive from me so if you are ever down here and it still exists, I will take you. I went to look at the post, but they must have taken it down.

    SGU. Big hearts. I guess if we can’t ever see what happened after cryo-slumber, you guys really made it perfect to say goodbye the way it was, always wondering where in the galaxies they were exploring or colonizing.

    I always like what you develop so whether is it is Project F or Project Z, I’ll be there to watch.

    Yesterday, I was thinking of old friends, and remembered it was 8 years now since Kelly Hurt (aka Anne Teldy) passed. Don’t ask me why I remember stuff like this; I can’t remember doctor appointments much these days anymore without some kind of reminder.

  6. Really appreciate the SGU pics. The cancellation of which was yet another crime against humanity committed by that shell of a sci-fi network. Regarding the sandwich, 90 minutes of brisk walking may burn off what, 0.25 to 0.5 of one of them? Yeah, probably the lower end of that estimate.

  7. If you put ankle weights on, you might burn off one fried chicken sandwich to/from the restaurant. Add a few laps around the building too, just to make sure. 😉

    That’s a big NO from me on the ice cream, chicken sundae!

    Line Noise: I can’t eat ice cream on apple pie. That’s just crazy talk. 😉 How do you feel about cheddar on apple pie?

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