Yesterday, Akemi and I were sitting in the living room when we heard a BANG!, and saw a small bird bounce off our window and land on the balcony.  We assumed it was dead but, some fifteen minutes later, it was up and around.  It hung out for about an hour and then, finally, took flight.  A happy ending!

Until about twenty minutes later when – BANG!  A bird hit the other window and dropped to the balcony, either dead or unconscious.  A closer look revealed…it was the same bird!  This time, I thought, he was dead for sure and I was wondering how Akemi was going to dispose of the corpse when –

The bird hopped up.  He looked dazed and clearly not flight-ready.  In fact, after an hour went by, I began to wonder if he’d ever fly again which, in turn, left me to wonder what I was going to do about this injured bird sitting on my balcony.

Shortly thereafter…


A nice, comfy little bed.  Water.  And a snacks in the form of strawberries, almonds, walnuts, and a piece of leftover Hong Kong Milk Tea mocha donut.  What more could a bird want?

As it turns out – freedom.  About an hour later, it just flew off, probably sorer but hopefully wiser.  Although I really can’t criticize as I’ve done the same on several occasions.

Fielding a few questions from the comments section…

Jessica C writes:  “1) Will the amazing plot hook of Stargate Universe and an artificial structure in the cosmic microwave background radiation be mentioned in the new series? (note: it’s actually entirely possible, and current scientific papers have hinted at finding such a structure in our own CMBR; see this video from PBS Space Time, 13:55 mark, released after SGU: ).”

Answer: I’m not developing the new series so this is really a question for Brad Wright, but as I’ve been saying, any new in-canon series could open the door to answering many of the franchise’s outstanding questions.

“2) It has been mentioned that Atlantis is meant to be massive, around the size of Manhattan, but due to a mixup with the CGI team it was rendered a lot smaller. Will the new series render Atlantis in all its fidelity, splendour, and more importantly, scale?”

Answer: Again, I have no idea if and how Atlantis would figure into a new series, but I imagine the revisit of any established locations would come with upgraded visuals.

“3) Will the series be more adventure of the week (SG1, Atlantis) or continuous (SGU, The Expanse, Game of Thrones, etc)? I’m really a much bigger fan of the latter, especially when binge watching / streaming, but I understand it’s what a lot of people didn’t like about SGU and what eventually led to its cancellation 😞

Answer: Alas, no idea, but I would think it could offer the best of both worlds – episodic stories that contribute to an over-arcing mystery or conflict.

“4) Will the series be set in our current time (around 2020), or will it follow on shortly from where Stargate Universe left off?”

Answer: I don’t know, but it’s highly unlikely a new series would be set in the distant past or far future.  What made Stargate so accessible to many viewers was the fact that it was set in the here and now, so I would imagine any new series would follow the same path.

“5) Will viewers who have never seen prior Stargate series and movies be able to get into and understand the show with smooth sailing, or will they need that all that backstory and lore first?”

Answer: Any new series would have to serve as a jumping on point for new viewers completely unfamiliar with past mythology.

“6) And finally, will the theme for the new Stargate series have lyrics?”

Answer: Even if I was privy to all the creative, I wouldn’t be able to answer this question at this point.  I will say that there has been a concerted shift away from lengthier opening title sequences since those early seasons of Atlantis, so I believe it’s unlikely you’ll get one with lyrics.

9 thoughts on “September 19, 2020: Joseph Mallozzi, Bird Doctor M.D.

  1. I hope that future series of the science fiction genre dispense with lyric-laden opening music – generally, the lyrics detract.

  2. Well done with the injured bird, Joe. We have basically done the same thing when this has happened to us (at least four times I can think of).

    There has always been something wonderful about the Stargate Universe, and we loved every minute of Atlantis. So, we are really looking forward to what comes next 😊

  3. Stargate, it’s a great big whirl
    With a great big swirl to step inside to another world

    We’re talking Stargate, it’s a great big trip
    You can go quite far, you don’t need a car or even a ship
    There’s Colonel O’Neill and Carter and Daniel and Teal’c

    Watch out for that Go Go Goa’uld!

  4. I welcome a return to all things Stargate. We expect things to be completed. It left us hanging. This is what royally pissed me off when the shows were canceled. MGM and the SciFi channel executives were and are totally wrong about the popularity of the shows. All to be replaced by Wrestling. WTH? A SyFy channel without sci fi. We want our damn shows back. As you can tell, I’m still pissed. I will never forget their decisions. The Syfy channel and MGM hasn’t been the same as before.

    Joe, keep up the good work. We are still waiting and listening and hoping 🙏 for the return of SG1, SGU, and SGA. Keep us updated.

    Thank you.


  5. Whoa, lots of interesting questions, can’t wait to see what the new show will look like. Poor bird, I have smacked into many a glass wall, people always stare at you like you grew two heads and all you can think is getting as far away as possible.

  6. I was sitting at a laptop by a window once and a hawk swooped right toward my face. Presumably, my head visible above the laptop was mistaken for an animal it could collide with to kill it. To my relief, the window did not give way, though the prey was still stunned.

    The hawk left a huge grease spot on the window, a patriotic decoration resembling the bald eagle. Knowing how gross the local hawks are, having to rinse out guts from their greasy feathers in my kids’ pool, I was not looking forward to dealing with the corpse. Luckily, the hawk woke up about 15 minutes later and removed itself from my property.

  7. Oh wow, you made a whole blog post answering my questions, I did not expect this, thank you! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you weren’t involved at all in this new series, I just made an assumption that you were and would know a bunch from being involved in trying to reinvigorate interest in a new Stargate series and for initially breaking the news.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions though, really appreciated. 🙂

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