The mystery of the missing Diet Coke (via my sister)…

A few photos from the SGU vault…


This was my favorite gate of the franchise.


Director Ernest Dickerson and the Destiny crew.


Colonel Telford


Executive Producers Robrert C. Cooper and Carl Binder tour the Destiny in-progress.


The Nicholas Rush surprise party patiently awaits the birthday boy’s return.

So, how’s everyone’s weekend going?

10 thoughts on “September 12, 2020: My favorite gate!

  1. My husband will be camping up North with the dog. I will be home considering my aline time options.

  2. Is that like the inverse of the “how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar” question? I’m thinking it was probably beamed out of the can by some caffeine craving (but obviously watching their waistline) alien. Or the can just missed getting its dose of vile liquid (Pepsi Rules!) along the production line. There’s a reason it was sitting in the basement for who knows how long!

    I have to say my favourite gate will always be the Atlantis one, but I did love the “ancient” looking design of the SGU gate.

    So, for the past week I’ve experiencing a fairly serious bout of tinnitus and it is driving me crazy. I hope it’s just a temporary thing or it’s going to drive me (more) insane.

  3. I think that coke leaked out somehow. You just can’t see from where. I have a lot of water “snow globes” on my shelves. I picked one up one time, expecting it to be heavily, and it was very light. It was completely empty of the water. The wooden base was undamaged and the wooden shelve it sat on had no signs of water stains or damage on it. I thought the water leaked out. But now I think it evaporated. No other globe has done that.

    Maybe that coke can made it down the conveyor belt and didn’t get filled up. But why wasn’t the light can noticed when it was purchased? Or when it was put away on that basement shelf? An interesting mystery.

  4. The SGU gate is gorgeous! Saving that photo for my laptop background. 🙂 Now I have to learn how to crop out that guy’s butt. 😀

  5. Nice times and good pics ! I especially like the bottom one. And no, I’m not the guy who had Rush blow up that binary solar system. Absolutely NOT. Whistles innocently

  6. Empty coke can … I suspect probably from factory error.

    My weekend has been mostly work, interrupted with nourishing doses of fried chicken sandwich, elk burger and bison burger.

  7. My weekend is more energetic, thanks to last month’s medical procedure and related meds adjustments! At this rate, I might be able to visit Toronto next August…Lord willing and the COVID-19 subsides. 😇

  8. I never had one favorite gate. I simply admired the brilliantly creative design of each throughout the series. But this particular gate photo, with the amazing matching stair case, landing and curved roof support beams in the background most definitely stands out above all others.

    In retrospect, I am actually a bit surprised it did not at least receive an emmy or other big award nod for best set design.

    A sealed Coke Zero with zero contents? Oh My!
    Best quickly let Andria know that empty can is actually worth a bit of money before the trash is next collected!! 😀

  9. My fave gate will always be the SG1 gate but then I have a thing for Ancient Egypt and archaeology (though not necessarily for Daniel Jackson, lol) I do appreciate your comment on the Steampunk aesthetic of the SGU gate because steampunk, yes 🙌

    My weekend will be filled with work as the movie theatre has finally re-opened though is very slowwwww. And Tenet… not crazy sought-after. At least not in Dubuque, IA. A little anti-masker drama makes me long to get out. Hope your weekend is going well and is drama-free, unless it’s on the page.

  10. Love anything Destiny.

    I would say maybe submerge it in a container of water and see if water enters it (or you see bubbles) but don’t do that until you check out the Ebay thing.

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