A solid start to development work on Project F.  Today, I completed the Tease, as scheduled. Whenever I pitch, I always start with a very detailed breakdown of the pilot opening.  I’ve been running this one through my head for weeks and finally got it down.  Four full pages all told.  Keywords and terms for those  interested: graphene structure, nanocrystal windows, bioreactor panels, spider silk armor, robot, gun turret, diamond nano threads.

Tomorrow, I re-read what I wrote today, make any necessary changes, and then move on to the next section: FIRST WORLD.

Alrighty!  Since progress was made, I’m reconvening the Crime Club for another discussion.  Next up is another superb-looking South Korean offering, The Man From Nowhere:

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

4 thoughts on “September 1, 2020: Robots! Diamond Nano Threads! Another Crime Club Selection! And more Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked!

  1. I’m so far behind on Crime movies. Sorry about that. I’ve got most of them on my “watchlist” and will catch up when I can.

    I hope everyone is doing okay out there! Waves!

  2. You have me at ‘graphene structure’.

    The Man From Nowhere, the 2011 one, not the 1966 one which according to Tubi is:

    ‘Sprung from jail by a gang of desperados, a notorious bounty hunter elects to defend the town from the real bad guys.’

    It didn’t sound like your cup o’ tea!

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