So, what’s your secret hostage message?

Received word today on one of the pitches.  We’re graduating to full take (!) meaning I’ll be fleshing out that original 5 page summary into a full 12-15 page overview covering the pilot, the series, the world and its characters, and, of course, my vision for season 1 and beyond.  Should be fun because this was one of my funnier pitches – always the most fun to write.  Now, well, I just have to write it.  And I’ll get on that right away.  Next week.

But first, I have to finish this brief overview of that fantasy series adaptation.  This one would be a blast (in more ways than one), but it’s still very early going so I’m going to stay focused, and will be tempering expectations.

And tonight, I have a late night conference call to discuss another near/far future sci-fi project.  This one will be tricky, but a lot of fun…provided I can pull it off.

Normally I would say no, but if it’s a Japanese bakery, I’d be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Okay, our Crime Club convenes to discuss…

Spoilers abound!

This one is a terrific thriller headlined by Patrick Stewart as the leader of a neo-Nazi group, and the late Anton Yelchin as a musician in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It’s a simple premise (The members of an independent punk band become loose ends after witnessing a murder at a remote skinhead venue). but it’s executed to perfection.  The movie ratchets up the suspense to 11 and doesn’t release until the film’s closing moments.  It’s visceral and downright terrifying at times, but never strays from its character-driven grounding – which is what makes Green Room so memorable.  You care about these kids, so their seemingly hopeless and horrifying predicament hits all that much harder.

Patrick Stewart is brilliant as the ruthless Darcy and the rest of the cast proves equally great.  Macon Blair (who starred in Blue Ruin, writer-director Jeremy Saulnier’s previous feature) is fantastic as the conflicted Gabe.  And it’s heartbreaking to consider what a career the talented Anton Yelchin could have had if not for the tragic accident that ended his life at an all too young 27.

No quibbles or questions, minor or otherwise, with this one.  Green Room was a true edge-of-your seat thrill-ride.  But not for the squeamish!

So, anyone else check it out?  If so, what were your thoughts?

Tomorrow, the Crime Club reconvenes to discuss our next selection: Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

8 thoughts on “August 6, 2020: Hostage messages, floral doughnuts, and the Crime Club convenes to discuss Green Room!

  1. I’ve got to start checking out these movies so I can comment on them more. This one in particular sounds great, and Patrick S. never disappoints.

    I would totally try the flowered donuts. Heck, I’m been munch my nasturtium blossoms in salads for a good month now. I think their slightly spicy but still subtle flavour would go well with the sweetness of the donut. I’m going to have to go get some regular glazed donuts and try one out with them!

    Also, that will be an excuse to get donuts.

  2. Hmmmm. Didn’t care for this one. I found it kind of plodding (too much talking and not enough doing) and the punk music . . . well, it’s punk and it sucked, which is also a large part of why I didn’t care for the movie. The best tune in the movie was CCR during the end credits. As for giving up the gun? How stupid are they? They’re not being allowed to leave after discovering a murder, then are asked to hand over the gun, and they proceed do it – sort of. I kept expecting them to blow up the lab/bunker out of spite if nothing else, but no joy there, either.

  3. The floral doughnuts are worth a try.

    As for the secret message, I’d say how I enjoyed the olives, had a great time going to the park and seeing the giant spiderwebs, and how glad I was that everyone was speaking English because foreigners are insufferable. That’d get their attention post haste.

  4. I went into this movie not reading the synopsis. It was an eye opener and was not expecting the plot. I liked the movie but I didn’t like seeing the dogs injured. They could have killed everyone in the movie but don’t touch the dog! 😉

    Anton was great to see. If they ever make another Star Trek movie then his presence will be sorely missed. Such a tragic accident and I think about him every time I see a Jeep. I digress, I’ve never heard of this movie and I’m glad you recommended it.

    Sadly, I’ll miss the next film but I have it on “my list”. I’m heading to my Mom’s today. She’s not doing well and I need to check on her. Physically, she’s fine but mentally, she’s a little down.

    Speaking of parents, Ponytail, did you get your dad into the health facility?

    1. Hey Tammy,

      Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope your visit helps pick up her spirits.

      And, yes, totally agree re: the dogs.

  5. Floral donuts in Japan? Yes, please. Floral donuts in the US? You hippie freaks.

    Green Room sounds intriguing, I might give it a shot.

    Doing okay here. Embracing being eccentric. It’s a hobby now.

  6. Oh, my message.
    “The missionaries dropped by, I’m getting re-baptized, and once I have my temple recommend, I’ll do a baptism for the dead for MyLarry, and then we can be sealed for time and all eternity.”

    I am going to hell, yeah?

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