Yesterday, I sent off emails to all three zoom chat winners in order to arrange a good time to convene, but only heard back from two.  Line Noise, where’re you at?

This pandemic has eroded my patience with people.

Either that, or I’ve come to the revelatory realization that I don’t care for them.

Yesterday’s film-themed question…

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

11 thoughts on “August 1, 2020: Wow. This year is just speeding by!

  1. One of the other reasons I’m not around as much as I used to is I’m spending a lot less time online. Tired of people and social media and this virus and the upcoming election…I’d rather spend my down time reading some good fiction.

  2. “I realize I don’t care for people.” Followed by… “amazing people with whom I have worked.” I love it! It sums up being around and dealing with all kinds of people. I feel your pain. I do love people and there are many amazing people but sometimes they can, intentionally or unintentionally, disrespect your time.

    As a freelance artist it’s something I pay attention to when working for a client. I put myself in their shoes so l make sure to keep them informed about what I’m doing and where I’m at if a project happens to multiple weeks to finish. Just that one simple act will help. Put yourself in their shoes.

  3. Is it true that people have become ruder since they emerged back into the world? I keep hearing all these stories of horrible behavior, but I haven’t seen any in person.

  4. Wow, I’m continuing to work from home and the only people I talk to now are friends and family. My blood pressure has way down. I’m loving that so many friends I lost touch with have called or zoomed. Only talking to people I like is blissful!

  5. Because of lockdown I’ve hardly seen anyone to have a decent face to face conversation. My vocabulary has shrunk and I can’t string a proper sentance together anymore. I probably sound rude

  6. Perhaps, quoting Charles Schulz would be appropriate:
    “I love mankind … it’s people I can’t stand!!”

  7. Line Noise is down under, yes? His schedule could be a little wonky.

    Yes, this pandemic has brought the stress out. The crazy was building up before this, mind you but still. Have you seen the videos of people going crazy because of masks? This has certainly brought mental illness out in the open. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home. If you are upset that someone is not wearing a mask, stay away from them. Screaming in their face (with your mask down) defeats your argument. As for myself, I’ve been trying to be more patient. We are all stressed. I try and focus on the positive.

    It rained here yesterday and the temps went down. What a blessing! Hubby and I watched Chernobyl, the series yesterday. It was excellent!

    Hope everyone has a good day out there!

  8. Oh Joe. Calm down. Mind your blood pressure.

    Just cuz Maryanne and I scoldeds ya for laughing at a baby getting punched in the face
    doesnt mean I dont love ya or that you dont have many fine, redeeming, qualites.
    We are all broken humans in one way or another.
    And this pandemic is certainly stressing us all out.

    Anywooo, No worries, eh. I’m sure Line Noise will get back to you whenever he checks his email.
    He mentioned something a few weeks back about trying to arrange a jaunt to his other house.

    BTW: Here’s a bit of good news:
    I promoted Utopia Falls several days ago to the Middle & High School students
    in our NS101 learning community as a series about individuality, equality and inclusion in modern society.
    A handful of students have already texted me to say they are currently watching and loving it.
    Guess, timing is everything. Gonna do another promo run during arts week, with the hopes of getting a few teachers on board to watch it.

    1. Hey Drea,

      Thanks for recommending the show. It’s nice to see it has gained a small but passionate following online.

  9. “This pandemic has eroded my patience with people.
    Either that, or I’ve come to the revelatory realization that I don’t care for them.”

    Nah, it’s that you work hard, follow up on agreements and communication and expect people to do the same. Particularly if you are doing something for them. It irritates me too, if I have to follow up on people I’m doing stuff for.

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