I mean, I’m a pretty adventurous eater but I would probably draw the line here.

Things still simmering away on the projects front.  Positive baby steps with my sci-fi series, TimEscape, which is currently in network hands while another time travel-themed series overview was delivered to a different broadcaster.  Finally finished up and delivered four pitches to that comic book company.  As I stated in the email I sent them: “Hopefully one of these pops for you.  If so, let’s discuss.  If not, let’s discuss.”  I’ll be consulting on what I’ve been told will be a big budget foreign sci-fi series this summer and very much looking forward to checking out that first script.  In the meantime, I’m re-reading the first book in a fantasy series I will, hopefully, be adapting to the small screen.  Eventually.  For now, I’m putting together a brief overview for the producer who secured the film and television rights.  And there are a couple of other promising things in the works including a near future murder mystery and a near-to-far-future Seoul-specific series that will finally allow me to combine two of the things I love most: science fiction and Kpop.  No kidding.

Okay, time to select the three lucky participants in our next zoom chat.

Google’s handy random number generator has offered up the following winners…

Kevin Clawson

Line Noise

Lori Steinle

I have fired off emails to all three of you so that we can coordinate a suitable time for us to chat.

As for everyone else – Take heart!  We’ll do it all over again soon.  Thinking of maybe expanding these zoom chats to twice a month.

9 thoughts on “July 31, 2020: Zoom Chat Winners Announced!

  1. It’s gonna be a hard no on that rotten fish ice cream. Just the thought is making my stomach turn.

    Great to hear there’s at least some movement on these projects.

    Congrats to the chat winners!!

  2. Eee, I love hearing about your cooking pot of projects! Best of luck and fingers crossed at least some of them take off
    It’s great to hear you’re continuing with the zoom chats. It must be fascinating to ‘meet’ your followers. Congratulations to today’s winners – have fun 😁

  3. Dare I hope that fantasy series is the one I have lived for 50 (yes, fifty) years? The one I’ve mentioned a few times over our acquaintance?

  4. TimEscape sounds so good, I love time travel; Sliders, Arrival, Umbrella Academy, those precious 30 seconds in Galaxy Quest, I’m a time travel nut. I adore professor Ronald Mallett who’s been working to create a time machine in hopes of seeing his dad again. Maybe it started being when I was a wee kid grooving to Time in a Bottle in the family Ford Pinto.

    I tend to watch fantasy rather than read it but I’m anxiously awaiting the next K.F. Breene book, her Warrior Chronicles series got me hooked as did her Magical Mayhem books. I don’t know about fish ice cream, the most daring I’ve tried is Ube purple ice cream, I’d love to try rose ice cream.

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