This is it!  Last day to leave a comment in my July 28th blog entry for a chance to win a zoom chat with yours truly and two other blog readers.  The three randomly selected winners will be announced in tomorrow’s blog entry!

Getting a lot of push back on this one.  What say you?

Almost all are objecting to the use of sliced processed cheese.  While I agree, I have also heard that the processed cheese actually melts better and provides a superior consistency.  Experts weigh in!

Yesterday’s film-themed question…

Tonight’s film-themed question…

More amazing people with whom I have worked…

7 thoughts on “July 30, 2020: Blog #5030

  1. Thanks for all the trivia on the various Stargate & the Dark Matter series. Here’s hoping Utopia gets renewed.

  2. Half the point of pizza is toasty cheese. Is the cheese toasty? I’m not seeing how that steak is getting seared at a high enough temperature.

  3. That “pizza” sent a shudder down my spine, no gracias. I like your pics for Westerns and animated pics, Into the Spider-verse is my hands down fave, I’d also pick The Croods, The Willoughbys and Wreck it Ralph. Silverado was my Blockbuster fave back in the day, For A Few Dollars More and I’ll cheat and add Hatfields & McCoys mini series for that old timey vernacular.

  4. Processed cheese isn’t per say processed. And it does indeed melt better and I for one enjoy the taste. It’s kind of the ‘milk chocolate’ version of cheese as apposed to dark. It’s bulked out with milk but it is still cheese.

  5. No on the cheesestake. I don’t eat a lot of meat.

    I did think of one western that I love, “True Grit”. The original version with John Wayne, of course. The scene when “Mattie” (Kim Darby) negotiates a horse trade is priceless!

  6. Hey Joe,

    I would love to join you on a zoom call. We can talk about Dark Matter, sci-fi, comic books, any of the three Michelin Star restaurants I have worked at or the non Michelin restaurants, or writing or the state if being in NYC for the duration of the pandemic. Crossing my fingers, but not the streams.

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