Akemi: How do people get superpowers?  Do they inherit them from their parents?

Me: Usually, superpowers are the result of an accident.

Akemi: So, more clumsy people are superheroes?

Me:  I…guess so.

Start your kid’s day off right.  This cereal will give them the energy they need to power through to recess!

Yesterday’s film-themed question…


Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…

15 thoughts on “July 29, 2020: It takes me three times as long to come up with a blog entry title as it does to write the actual damn entry!

  1. Well, there are other ways like being bitten by a radioactive spider (okay, still an accident) or dying/getting kidnapped/recreated by nefarious government/evil supervillain parties whose evil plans alway go awry, because… evil.

  2. Love Mairzee’s work. xo

    Blues Bros was definitiely one of the most fun musical movies I’ve ever seen.
    Albeit, the Animated movie Yellow Submarine, from my generation, is still #1 in my book.
    The humor. The fun. The fantastikal animations. The story. The music. Highly rewatchable thru the years.
    To this very day I still incorporate various versions of blue meanies and
    picking up 2 dimensional holes lying on the ground and placing it in ones pocket, whenever i get in the mood to doodle or sketch. gif: https://gph.is/2rSxKU7
    Speaking of movies… My old lady brain finally remembered the strangest movie I ever enjoyed:
    William Hurt in Altered States. It was a bizarre story but I remember it held my attention all the way to the end. https://media.giphy.com/media/xT1Ra4ckqcZpdhLHeU/giphy.gif

    Update on Bob: He was moved to the ICU last week due to the virus attacking his other organs.
    He’s still there fighting as hard as he can. His daughter in law, Jill, is doing her best to keep everyone updated. 🙁

    @MaggieMayDay Very glad to hear you are finally able to sleep in your own bedroom again.
    Sending warmest hugs, smiles, n plenty of rum infused thoughts your way, always. xo

  3. By the way Joe: As much as you know I love you,
    I’ve been meaning to scold you for days, but havent had the energy.
    In what !!#@!#!# AU is the funniest scene in ANY movie
    the one where a small helpless infant is punched hard squarely in the face by a large grown mans fist!!
    Would you have found it equally as funny if the woman had been holding a small elderly dog in her arms??! And why was Maryanne the only one who had the guts to speak up and tell you
    “That’s Awful!”. Shame On You, young man! I’m fairly confident your mother raised you better than that.

    1. From what I understand, they used a stunt baby for the role, the son of a professional stunt couple who trained their child from a very early age. You can see the kid’s instincts kick in as he rolls with the punch.

  4. I was stationed in Great Lakes when Blues Brothers came out, although I saw it in California with my brother while I was on leave. It was terrific seeing all the places I had just been to myself. It sure helps it is a great movie. It is in my “old familiar friends” rotation I put on when I need company other than the cats and Alexa. Most of that rotation are either musicals or have a great soundtrack: Animal House, Moulin Rouge, RHPS, Shock Treatment, Phantom of the Paradise, Tropic Thunder, Chicago, Rock of Ages, Little Shop of Horrors. My copy of the Magic Christian has taken a stroll. My third or fourth copy if you count VHS tapes as well as DVDs. Both Deadpools and the Marvel movies are my other “mindless” entertainment, plus Moana and Frozen. The music of Moana can give me chills, which is nice.

    Sending Love and Light to Bob, may he recover and be well soon.

  5. So how long does the average entry take to write? It would take me most of a day to come up with what you would probably turn out in five minutes.

    I saw Mitch Pileggi in Criminal Minds a few years ago. A really creepy performance there.

  6. I kinda feel bad for Mr. Ronny Cox. Kinsey was such an unlikable character that I could never look at that face and not hate him. I think I have even seen him in one or two other things and he was still playing an unlikable character. He just plays it so well. Must be annoying to be a good actor but so many fans of stuff you played it instinctively dislike you.

  7. Mitch Pileggi is the reason I watched X Files, forget Fox Mulder, Skinner was such a delightfully sardonic hombre. My current fave musical is Eurovision, I can’t get the Fire Saga songs out of my head.

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