Who’s up for a little zoom chat with yours truly?

If you’re interested, just leave a comment in to today’s blog entry.  Friday, I will choose 3 lucky to take part in a group chat where we can discuss everything from Dark Matter and Stargate to pepper preferences and my pug, Suji’s bathroom habits.  The world is your oyster!

This will be the second Mallozzi zoom chat.  The first one went pretty well.  No reports of damage or significant injuries – although Shinyhula’s mic didn’t work so I had pantomime most of the discussion.  Still, a fun time was had and I hope to repeat that success sometime next week.

So, if you’re interested, just leave a comment.  Not on twitter or on reddit or facebook (where I won’t be able to track them down when the time comes), but right here in response to today’s blog entry.

“I feel like I am living in a time loop episode.”

— Akemi, this morning after tending to her balcony garden (as she does every morning), while taking Suji out for her early morning walk (as we do every morning), right before our workouts (we do every morning), prior her starting lunch prep – which we eat at 11:00 a.m.  Like every morning.  But then things get unpredictable ii the afternoon!  I’ll do some writing, research stocks, read a graphic novel, and take Suji for her second walk – like I do every day, BUT not necessarily in that order!

So, what sort of a routine have you fallen into?  And how do you mix things up?

72 thoughts on “July 28, 2020: Who’s up for a little zoom chat?

  1. It would be an honor to have a zoom chat with you. A diehard Sci-fi fan sci-fi fan Of course I love stargate. Do you know as sg gate Gapstargate. I Stargate some thing everyday.

  2. Hi Joseph I’m interested in participating in the zoom chat. I’m the guy who has all the Dark Matter comic art. Tony

    1. Hello Joe,
      I’m interested too. I would like to ask some questions about stargate and dark matter. I would like also to thank you for the impact that had your stories on my life when I was a kid.

      Best regards


  3. A zoom chat would be fun Joe! I’m one of those ‘essential’ employees who hasn’t missed a day since this mess started so it would definitely depend on the time (assuming I got picked).

  4. I’d love to join you for a chat! Sounds delightful. Thanks for offering your time. As for my routine: work days then a few hours break and then back at it into the late night. Weekends are more unpredictable based on what’s happening!

  5. Hi! I like the change my routines up with diffrent soundtracks. And as far as what my routines are I get up early every morning and check my socials then on my way to work I stop and grab a coffee from the local shop

    1. My routine is basically to roll out of bed, get on Microsoft Teams so my students can reach me (I teach Game Programming and Engineering at the University of Advancing Technology) and then answer their questions for the next 10 hours or so.

      Occasionally, I have to take a break from answering their questions in order to formally lecture about the topics that will be the questions they’ll be asking me about tomorrow.

  6. I’ve been taking advantage of some virtual events that would never have been feasible in person. It’s unlikely that I would have ever been able to afford to travel the Comic-Con, but I got to see several of the panels on line. Have also taken some on line classes and virtual tours that were never available before the shut down.

  7. I’m interested… but I warn you – I may ask a lot of writing and production questions! (FYI you normally see me as @MicronautCA on twitter… I’m using my teaching wordpress account to comment)

  8. My routine is mostly pretty boring, but I try to do a few things lately to break it up and be a bit more interesting. For example I want to learn the Swift programming language (for iOS and Mac) to get back into some programming. I mean, ask me anything about COBOL, but who uses that anymore. Then I’ll work some on practicing piano. My sight reading is terrible so I’d like to get better. And of course still working on things in the house here painting etc.

    I do find that getting into a repetitive rut really make the weeks fly by, and I’d rather slow that down at my age!

  9. I’d love to Zoom chat with you! But I understand if I’m not picked, since I’m not around as much as I used to be. Darn life gets in way of my social media time. That’s what I get for changing jobs!

    It took me a long time to get into a new routine once my office closed on March 13th. Mid-June working from home finally came together! I get up, shower, do a quick morning yoga, check work emails, make breakfast, then settle down at my dining room table – aka desk – and get to work. I’ve got a 20 yr old & a 22 yr old home as well, and it was a bit nuts early on, as they had to finish up their college semesters while I worked. My husband is essential so he had to go into the hospital every day, and that was often long hours as he’s in clinical engineering and had to prepare additional rooms and respirators and parking lot tents…

    This month our routine changed once more, as the 22 yr old started his full-time job remotely. No more doing laundry during the day, as his desk shares a wall with the washing machine. His office will not be re-opening until January. The 20 yr old will be attending college remotely this fall. So next month the routine will change once more as he attends classes online.

    My poor internet connection struggles every day!

  10. Covid quarantine does feel like Groundhog Day a bit. Walking the dogs is a must (have three Labradors)! Then the two things I’m guaranteed to do at some point each day is use this weird planking board I bought during quarantine, because I’m so desperate at this point that even exercising seems like a good idea (yuck), and also stare into the fridge endlessly debating what I might cook. I’m so tired of my own cooking! 😬

  11. I have been stuck in a time loop episode for five years now. Nothing much changed. Only thing COVID has changed is not seeing my father and siblings in person. And a severe lack of karaoke.

  12. I would love to chat about all the things you mentioned. Since school is getting ready to open next month, I have been prepping the library, completed a full inventory of the collection, reading, garden is beginning to produce veggies, also going to can,freeze and jar some produce. I SHOULD also throw in some exercise for good measure.

  13. Tragically we have fallen in to a slump, skipping work outs and having more meals! Which is far from ideal but I think we will get it back at the end of this week for sure.

    I am also definitely interested in the Zoom chat, it sounds fun! Wasn’t sure if I needed to directly express it but better safe than sorry!

  14. I’ve been watching all of the original Law and Order episodes. I have one more week before I start a two hour round trip commute to prep for teaching elementary art again in a pandemic. So, my change up is lesson-planning, watercolor, and finally reading a book this summer. Hope to be able to hang out with you virtually!

  15. @GForce: I trained as a COBOL and BASIC programmer but have used neither in any of my actual jobs! Most of my experience is with Perl, sadly also a doomed language. I keep trying to teach myself Python but I don’t have the time or perseverance to learn new languages like I did when I was young!

    One day pretty much blurs into the next these days. I wake up, eat breakfast, have a shower, sit down at my desk, sit in Zoom meetings for 3 hours, have a break for lunch and maybe a walk outside, sit in another 3 hours of Zoom meetings, maybe get an hour or so of work that doesn’t involve Zoom, cook dinner, eat dinner, play with the cats, watch YouTube/Netflix/Amazon Prime/DVDs, go to bed, read a book, sleep. Rinse and repeat. On weekends I do the food shopping and often spend most of my time in the kitchen. A couple of weekends ago I spent 6 hours making a laminated croissant dough to make cinnamon buns. They were amazing!

  16. I think it’s awesome you’d zoom with your fans. I’m not going to put my name into the hat. Maybe another time. I just wanted you to know it’s great.

  17. Count me in.

    I have started working on model building a lot more. I can’t work up the energy to write, sadly. Every time I try to do something healthy (or useful), I hurt myself. It’s rough getting old.

  18. That would be cool!! I have another surgery on Thursday- surgeon just called today & I had to get another COVID test where as Drake says “they stick that qtip up into your thoughts” lol. But I should be coherent by Friday. Heck, it might be fun to have a Zoom call with a person on morphine!

    My routine revolves around a hungry beagle who thinks breakfast is at 4:30am & wants food non-stop. The basset hound likes to socialize outside but if there’s no action angrily barks until I bring in her in. Usually we don’t go for a walk until a bit later but the rest of the day is chores- wash, cleaning, feeding, etc… napping. I watch a lot of movies & foreign TV. Scandinavian crime/detective shows & UK series. & of course Sci-fi.

    The beagle is staring & wants a snack 🙄


  19. Hey Joe! I change things up by making my dogs choose which sci-fi series I binge. I start naming different series episodes with different tones of voice, and as soon as I get a “head tilt” from one of the dogs, I binge the series they reacted to 😊

  20. Definitely interested in the chat, but also very excited about the possibility of potentially seeing Stargate return to TV! Also I really hope that we get a second season of Utopia Falls!

  21. I’m definitely up for a Zoom chat. It would be a lovely distraction.

    Since I’m furloughed from my job and I now only work one day a month, I have turned into a fat, lazy bum. I watch TV all night and only wander out to pick up groceries or run to the hardware store. If it weren’t for needing to follow somewhat of a routine for my cats, i.e. feeding times, I probably would go comatose.

    The pandemic has hit my city hard because it is a university town and the kids think it’s fun to get and give the virus and many people refuse to wear masks. The NY Times listed Chattanooga as the #2 hotspot in the nation, so venturing out just isn’t worth the risk. Our ICUs are at capacity, too.

    Without a reason to be somewhere, my days and nights have flipped. Please, I need to get a life again!

  22. That would be awesome, would love to understand how you think the Stargate writers might able to tackle the continuation of the show now that the Tau’ri have access to technology comparable to the Ancients and the Asgard.

  23. I’ll throw my hat into the ring for zoom chat! That would be awesome. 🙂

    “So, what sort of a routine have you fallen into? And how do you mix things up?”

    Tuesday and Thursdays I go into the city office – it’s an IT start-up community. I have some trainees interested in web penetration testing and we’ve been doing some serious vulnerability hunting for that AI start-up, we found 23 severe vulnerabilities so far where we could do man of the middle attacks, denial service attacks, click jacking and a whole bunch of fun stuff.
    Sydney is kind of getting back to normal we can do pretty much anything with social distancing, but we’re wary given the second wave of COVID in the state of Victoria. So still not as many people.

    Otherwise in the morning the routine is:
    -Get up feed cat.
    -Make bed.
    -Drink 2 glasses of water. And throw cold water on my face.
    -Go for long walk or make an excuse not to go on long walk (it’s too dark, too cold, too wet, the dog looks lonely).
    -Shower, breakfast, dress.
    -Work on taxes, grants, documenting course program, further hacking research, emails and networking.

    Afternoon, the same and throw in guitar playing, learning something new and playing ball with cat. (It was raised around dogs.)
    Lunch about 2 pm and sometime during the day walking to my favourite cappuccino place for a decaf and vanilla slice.
    Bed about 11 pm and I think of a list of 20 things I’m grateful for, before I go to sleep.

    Mixing it up:
    The news, social media and the threat of summer has been getting me a bit low lately. So I’ve downloaded Fallout 4, I find re-building the settlements in a post-apocalyptic world distracts me. Making up songs, and going out with friends during the week – is a good pick me up.

  24. For your consideration. ☺️ My routine varies a bit, but the one thing that doesn’t is that I always get up and start assembling my fancy home “coffee bar” first thing. Yes, I feel so fancy, but really it’s just an electric kettle, a Melitta pour over, and my insulated coffee carafe. I choose one fancy mug a day, and use a mixture of half n half and sweetened creamer. The running joke I have with myself, and only myself (‘til now) is wondering which element of my set up I’ll forget to bring to the living room with me before I sit down and relax and prepare to brew my wake-up juice. There’s always something my sleep-addled brain manages to forget. Usually it’s the canister of coffee itself, or my mug o’ the day. What can I say? It’s the little things that keep me giggling as time flies by in this daily WFH monotony. I’ll tell you what, though, popping on a Zoom chat with yours truly sure would put some spice in my day!

  25. I track my days according to how much candy I have on hand, then when it runs out I make a big fuss about how healthy I feel eating berries and dried fruit, and wake up energized instead of having forced sugar crash naps. Then I get the hankering going for licorice, Dots, red vines and the vicious cycle starts again. I’m watching movies and shows while I work and that makes me crave the kinda movie candy they had at Blockbuster.

  26. I get up, feed the kids, go for a run, go to the store, come home. Mixing it up by moving us to Malaga from outside Barcelona. Ha! Now my days are packing after the morning routine.

  27. Count me in, Joe! Sounds like fun.

    My routine has been changing as I’ve been dealing with health issues. Thankfully I’m no longer waking up at 5am, which used to throw out my schedule.

    I too eat lunch and dinner early these days. We’re in lockdown and I don’t have any hours at work so I’m spending time at home. Lunch is usually between 11:30am and 12 noon. If the weather is ok, I’ll go for a walk around the neighbourhood, otherwise it’s yoga. 3pm is Tipping Point time, a UK game show. I got hooked on it, only to find that my Dad and uncle & Aunt are fans too. Dinner is usually 5:30pm and bedtime is between 10pm and 10:30pm as I’m pretty beat by then. Days blend into each other.

    Hope all are well.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Oh and I’m working on a friend’s website, so while I’m not working, I’m working. Can’t wait for it to launch.

    Cheers, Chev

  29. Hi Joseph. A Zoom chat with you would be wonderful. I have had a little practice with Zoom, with running Scout meetings over the last 3 months. I run a home business, doing the books, with my husband on most days, between scouting, drawing, amateur photography and looking after 2 great kids. I’m sure I can sneak in a Zoom meeting while hubby’s out fitting😁. I have watched and loved all the Stargate shows from the beginning, and am really looking forward to binge watching Dark Matter as soon as tax is done.. I would love to learn a few writing tips from you which I hope to pass onto my scouts. I have them doing a time capsule project at the moment that we hope to bury at the end of this year (What better time?), to be opened in 2050. Would love some inspirational ideas to give the scouts to write about, and it would be “cool” coming from you. I might even introduce them an appropriate Stargate episode like “Trio”.I hope to see you in Zoom. Love that you are doing this for your fans. Thank you regardless.

  30. I would like to mix things up by having an online chat with you instead of the usual chats with my English teacher or with my friends who I miss to meet at conventions.

  31. Well, let’s see:
    Sunday is now called Floydian Slip Day, because that is the day I listen to Floydian Slip.
    Monday is now called Pre-Garbage Evening Day
    Tuesday is, you guessed it, Garbage Evening Day
    Wednesday is Garbage Day
    Thursday is Grocery Day, since we pick up the grocery order then
    Friday is Heartbeat Day, since TVO shows Heartbeat on Friday
    Saturday is Lawrence Welk day (my father watches Welk in the evening).

    No, no routine here and a REALLY exciting life!

  32. Definite time loop!!
    Get up with the kiddies
    School work
    Snack 10.30
    School work
    Lunch at 12
    Garden activities in the afternoon
    Tea 4.30
    Bath the kids at 6
    Youngest bed at 7
    Oldest bed at 8
    8.30 to……
    I binge sci fi and scan the room for the time loopy device….

  33. I’m doing rewatches of SG:1 and SG:U right now, and recently adopted a rescue dog. So all I ever talk about/want to talk about/do involves sci fi TV and dogs … so I’m in!

  34. A zoom chat sounds fun!

    I get up, have breakfast, etc, do some reading, then head to work (at home). I work on writing projects, do my freelance editing / social media stuff and other business tasks, write some more, and read. Then I usually play a game with my parents. After that, if varies, but we started re-watching SG-1 in order from start to finish at my dad’s request (we’d been jumping around), so most nights we watch an episode or two (last night we splurged and watched three!). Then I pretend to go to bed but actually stay up reading or playing a computer game (or both). 🙂 That’s M-F. The weekends are the weekends.

  35. Wowza, you have a lot of people to choose from! Thanks for doing Zoom chat.

    My day has been busy. Up at 4 am. and swam laps with my hubby at the Y at 6. The YMCA is by appointment only, limited capacity, they disinfect surfaces between lap times and masks, until you get into the water. (self waterboarding is bad). I shared hubby’s lane during his appointment time and then I had my own lane at 7. So, I ended up swimming a little over two miles.

    Cuppa spicy chai tea and bill paying time on the computer.

    Then I made homemade pesto and put in the freezer (I freeze in ice cube trays and put them back for soups/sandwiches/pasta). Next year, I need to plant more basil. Homemade basil is much better than jarred from the grocery.

    I had an emergency dental appointment for a new crown (the old crown had holes).


    When I cleaned out the freezer last weekend, I found ground pork/beef, so today I made a Ragu. I placed the Ragu in single serve containers to freeze for my hubby’s meals through the week.

    Now, I have to catch up laundry and water all my outside flowers. I’ve been hustling! Once, I finish that I’ll watch E.R. reruns and have a cuppa tea. I’ve seen so many episodes of E.R. during this lock down that I’m fairly certain I could place a chest tube. 😉

    In the evenings, hubby and I have caught up on all the Black Mirror episodes. We watched Upload and liked it. Any other Sci-fi TV shows out there that would you recommend? He’s picky.

    Anyhoo, We are still in a partial lock down. Phase two, I believe. Honestly, most people are wearing masks here and being careful. The news seems to only show crazy people.

  36. I have adapted to life on Pandemic Standard Time. Which is a real pain when having to attend a Zoom meeting that starts at 10am on the East Coast…pandemic me doesn’t like getting up for a 7am meeting :/
    Due to the fact that all live events and production have ceased here in Occupied Portland…my time is spent in weekly Zoom meetings (I’m an officer in IATSE Local 28) and taking classes to add more skills or keep the ones I’m not currently using sharp. I shop for my Mom once a week to keep her safe and try to get out once a day for a nice long evening walk. I also have my weekly bout of paralyzing existential dread – wondering if I’ll have to switch careers to remain employed. sigh

  37. It would be a joy to ZOOM chat with you. It’ll help me understand better what the teachers in Alabama experience when chatting with their students.
    I also love the daily movie choice items. It has helped me think better of what I have actually seen since 1975.

  38. I would very much love to chat with you. I hope that people won’t be too offended at my ‘orrible french accent.

    Just kidding, been following your amazing work ever since you joined stargate.

  39. With 4 months of Work from home I got the following rutine currently: wake up late in the morning, turn of my desktop, working until evening, sometime during the day it’s cleaning time. My evenings are when I do my cooking and watching movies or tv series. My rutine gets broken whenever I feel like writing and having a glass of wine.

  40. I have started to get into the habit of waking up early, Checking out some of my favorite streams, Having a good lunch and then trying to stream. Unless it’s a thursday and then I have a 1 on 1 acting sesion with my acting coach.

  41. I get up every morning, take a shower, have breakfast and then log onto my work laptop. So, mostly business as usual without the trip to the office which I don’t miss at all!

    About once a week I have an actual in-person meeting so that is a welcome change. 🙂

  42. This is an amazing thing to do Joe, you really do come through for the fans 👍

  43. I’m currently prepping to go back to school to increase my employment prospects, even scored a full ride to do so. So for me, my routine has been to get up, take care of the dogs daily needs, start cramming on a math tutorial site, look for news about a new Stargate or Dark Matter revival, make a sandwich – seasoning it with my tears over not seeing any news on a new Stargate or Dark Matter revival, check out news locally, nationally, and world wide, try to motivate myself to study some more, maybe play some WoW, dinner, then end the day re-watching Agents of Shield (my third time through, first time for daughter).

  44. What are the biggest blockers to short form Dark Matter in any format such as pod cast or the “Tube”? Phones that do 4k cinema grade 30 fps are common for example.

    1. The costs of building sets, paying for cast and crew – whether you shoot it on your iPhone isn’t really the point.

      1. I suppose it’s just fan wishful thinking trying to theorize the how to and possibilities. We see so many huge crowd funding projects and so much new content on the various online services of varying degree of quality. You have such a huge fan base already and hope springs eternal as they say.

  45. Well of course I would love to be a part of this – chatting with the bros about one of the best Sci-Fi’s ever haha

  46. Yes, I’d love to video chat with you! I’d like to know how Suji saved Timmy, if you ever got your anime DVD collection back from Dr. Zelenka, and when we’re going to benefit from Asgard and Atlantis technology.

  47. I’d love the chance to have a zoom chat and ask a few questions about Dark Matter and your process! Consider me entered and excited for the opportunity

  48. My routine has become a daily set of random acts of productivity mixed with episodic procrastination. Would be fun to join in your Zoom call!

  49. Hey Joe—

    Huge Stargate fan here and I would love to be part of then Zoom call, though I’ve not ‘Zoomed’ before. Lol. As for my pandemic routine… well, I’m on furlough, still. I’m a manager at an AMC theatre and as the blockbuster films get pushed back, so does our work schedule. I’m a little concerned that I may need to get a new job soon but other than that, things are okay. I’m never bored so during the pandemic, apart from some writing and chatting with Twitter friends, I’ve been my mom’s primary caregiver (she has Alzheimer’s and cancer). It’s been nice to spend the time with her. Hope you are well. I always enjoy your blogs and any Stargate tidbits that you send our way on Twitter. Cheers and stay safe!

  50. As I’m still not able to go back to work because of Covid, my routine mainly switches between being super productive and super unmotivated. Thankfully, it’s been the former these past few days but I’m starting to run out of home DIY projects, my homegrown fruit and veg are coming along nicely, and I’m trying to decide what book I should read next. I’m thinking of delving back into your blog to find your previous book recommendations! 🙂

  51. Hi, Joe!
    Would love to Zoom chat if you have the time. Dog humor, the state of Sci-Fi, sadness that ONE never made it back to Dark Matter, the “yes!” of it all that Jason Momoa is rocking the big screen, the differences between English and Asian humor, etc. I SO need a decent lasagna recipe! Would donate to Mamma’s favorite charity if I could borrow hers. P.S. My brother is actually glad that they are living in Taiwan right now. He said life there is “more normal” than if they were living in the States. Who’d have thought!? 🙂 BEST to you, Akemi-chan, and Suji! <3


  52. Oh wow. Just when I thought I was caught up, I miss this. I’d totally be into attending the next one!

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