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No sleeping in for this girl.  She is up at 6:30 a.m. every morning and will make sure YOU get up to so that she can have her breakfast and morning walk.

Relaxing after her daily double walk.

The call her “The Cleaner”.

She does this thing now where she hangs around the strawberry plant in expectation of a treat and, if she doesn’t get one, proceeds to lick the low-hanging berries to claim them for herself.

Yo, Bigfoot!

Laundry Day.

8 thoughts on “July 26, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. That face and intent focus on the strawberry brings back so many memories of my late pug. Unfortunately he was highly allergic to strawberries, but I sure saw that face for numerous other goodies.

  2. Up at 630am?!!
    I’d like to know how many of the 24 hours is her “awake” hours. Just up for walk, meals and treat?

  3. What a refreshing dose of adorableness to start another dreary work week! I think I need toenail covers like Suji; something about quarantine is making my nails grow like Howard Hughes. I know it’s scary out there but I got cherries in my fridge, raisin bread to toast and eggs to try up for breakfast so bring on another Monday.

  4. When you have a pet (or the pet has you), there is no such thing as sleeping late. 😉

  5. Such a little cutie!

    My cats start begging for breakfast around 4:30 am. I try to put them off until around 6:00, but most days I’m up at 5:30. After they’re fed, I can go back to sleep. I have no idea how they know what time it is, but they are very consistent and insistent.

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