Today, I zoom pitched an adaptation of one of my very favorite Korean t.v. shows.  As part of the pitch, I included a few visuals for each of the main characters, drawn from some of the amazing talent I have worked with in the past. IF I ever get the chance to make this show, THIS would be my dream cast.

It went well.  I think.  But who knows?

Hey, thanks for all of the questions.  I plan to plan to answer this as part of either tomorrow or Wednesday’s dedicated blog entry.  So it’s not too late to post any other queries you may have in the comments section!

Tomorrow, I start hammering out a slew of pitches for that publisher!

Film-themed question!

Amazing people with whom I have worked:

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Kat Karena and Bacon!

9 thoughts on “July 20, 2020: Dream casts, strange movies, and amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. It looks like a dream cast to me. Seeing Alex & Melissa’s pics brought to mind a question I had. You once shared something here about Melissa auditioning for the roles of both Two and Four. Did we get anywhere close to seeing an Empress Ishida? Part of me has wondered for a while about the show people in that alternate universe got to see.

  2. Hi Joe, Hope you can do me favor and give a shoutout to this GoFundMe. You are keenly aware of how the pandemic is impacting performers and it’s even worse for those who perform at fairs and festivals as their entire season has been wiped out. One Man Band Bandaloni will be hiking the entire length of the Bruce Trail over the next few months (900 km) to bring attention to the festival performers with 10% going to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. The pictures he has posted of the trail so far on his FB page are breathtaking. If you can mention this it would be a big help. Thank you.

  3. @KatKarena Warmest hugs for your Puggles.

    @Joe Very glad to hear Suji seems to be getting her zip back.
    That gal is definitely a true warrior.
    Even though she is 15, I would not be much surprised if she lived another 5 years
    simply via her fierce determination.
    I’ll have to think on Strangest movie I’ve ever enjoyed.
    Only films that come to mind at the moment is David Bowie’s Man Who Fell To Earth and
    The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie.
    Albeit, not so sure those were truly the strangest or weirdest.

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  4. I agree that is a dream cast. Bring it on.
    Strangest film I enjoyed?
    The award for me goes to Sin City.
    This was very polarizing, not everyone enjoyed it.
    Personally I absolutely loved it.

  5. Gosh I miss seeing Torri Higginson in a Sci-Fi show. I thought she was stellar in SG:A.

  6. Six girls and only two boys? Not fair! Nothing wrong with that group, you just need to add a few more boys.

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