Suji is back to her spirited two-walk self again.  I’m not sure what the issue was.  Maybe she was injured.  Or needed that second afternoon stroll to limber back up.  But she is a rocket out there.

Well, more of a later stage rocket anyway.

Auto Draft


Mid-shake action.

On the look-out for fallen strawberries.

Okay.  Read to come in now.

Mask envy.

From the vault…

7 thoughts on “July 19, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Our puggle has been diagnosed with aggressive melanoma cancer, so it’s reduced the walking she can do. But we take along a pet pram – and when she gets tired she rides in that, so she can still meet up with the dogs and dog owners. She’s elderly as well. I always have mixed feelings with elderly pets, it’s an opportunity to show how much you love them with the extra things you need to do – but it’s a reminder we haven’t got much longer with her. Can only give her extra loves, hugs and pats.

  2. @Kat Karena – Give you puggle a little snuggle from me.

    Joe, have you thought about getting a house with a nice size backyard so Akemi can spread out her garden and really “dig in” so to speak?

  3. Why did Amazon Prime just pull the plug on all things Stargate? I had just started watching SG1 again and at about 2am Central time everything just went away. Any thoughts?

  4. Kat Karena: I hope your puggle has many good days ahead. Give her lots extra love, hugs and pats from all of us.

    I’m so happy Suji found a good home. Glad she’s feeling better. Did you put her on the CBD oil?

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