At 7:00 p.m. tonight, I’ll be sitting on The Exoplanets of Stargate panel…

Hosted by CosmoQuest.

Should be fun.  And highly informative.  And I’m talking about me being informed since I’ll be sharing the virtual stage with some science heavy hitters including our host, and former Stargate science advisor, Mika McKinnon.

P.S. In the event you tune in and I’m not on the panel, it’s simply because I couldn’t figure out zoom/twitch/discord/myspaceoptima.  Fingers crossed!

The pepper plants on Akemi’s balcony garden are coming along nicely.  Sadly, too spicy for her, but I can assure her that they’re delicious.

The strawberry plant is also bearing fruit.  Tiny, ugly fruit.  But Suji isn’t complaining.  She will amble out and over while Akemi is gardening, conspicuously hanging around the strawberries until she is given a few and then sent on her way.

Suji settles down for her post-strawberry snack nap.

12 thoughts on “July 17, 2020: The Exoplanets of Stargate panel! Gardening! World’s most dangerous cheese!

  1. Hope you have an enjoyable panel. Sorry, couldn’t access it to listen.
    Maybe give us a summary what you have learned? LOL

  2. Ah, just noticed it’s not 4pm EDT. Will try tune in at 7pm EDT then. LOL

  3. My mother was from Ireland & she would never eat cheese because she saw one of her neighbor’s dig up a block of cheese from the bog and scrape maggots off it before eating it.

  4. Regarding the cheese: That would be a resounding NO. Who in their right mind would eat maggot infested cheese? Or anything else infested with maggots for that matter.

    What kind of peppers are the purple ones?

  5. Lovely garden pictures. Akemi has cultivated quite the fruit & veg collection there (quite jealous!) It did make me smile to hear you all, including Suji, share it.

  6. I’ve never had much with strawberries either. Interesting and fun that Suji likes them, though. Are the farmers markets open there?

    My mom bought a large amount of strawberries a few weeks ago. So, the growing season for those might be over. My mom is buying corn now. Canning is a big hobby of hers.

    Anyhoo, Akemi’s peppers are very pretty. Do they have allotments there like in England? That might be a good hobby for her.

    1. Some farmers markets are open but, sadly, our favorites haven’t reopened.

      What are allotments?

      1. An allotment is a plot of land rented by an individual for growing vegetables or flowers. I read a lot of British murder mysteries. Seems very common for UK urbanites and the suspect always hides incriminating evidence at their allotment, as well as grow a thriving garden. 😉

  7. Wow, congrats to Akemi, wonderful green thumb, lovely plants, and those potatoes the other day were beautiful! Maybe it was asked and answered, do you have/need bees to pollinate? if not, they are doing great.

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