This was actually trickier than I thought it would be.  There are a lot of great peppers out there.  Something for every occasion.  But, after much deliberation, I narrowed the field down to the following Top 10!

#10. Shishito Peppers

Starting at the lower end of the Scoville Scale.  You’ll find these on the menu at many Japanese restaurants.  Although generally mild, they say that ever 1 in 10 is spicy.

#9. Hungarian Hot

A favorite of mine growing up, it’s an ideal gateway pepper for those who want to explore their spicy side.

#8. Cayenne Pepper

The powdered version is a staple in most kitchens.  Delicious with scrambled eggs.

#7. Datil Pepper

These little guys pack a wallop, coming in at 100k to 300k on the Scoville Chart. Their underlying tangy sweetness makes them great base for hot sauces.

#6. Serrano Pepper

A great pepper for those who like a touch of heat.  I was once gifted a smoked serrano powder that I’m still trying to track down to this day.

#5. Fatali Peppers

I’m not going to lie.  They’re pretty hot.  But they also possess a unique fruitiness that really makes them stand out.

#4. Trinidad Scorpion Chile

Yep, this is it.  This is as high as I go on the Scoville Scale before tapping out.  I tend to oven dry, grind them, and use them in powdered version.  A little goes a long way.

#3. Bird’s Eye Chiles

These little firecrackers are great, diced up and sprinkled over your main course. The perfect accompaniment to your Thai take-out.

#2. Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Ah, a taste of Caribbean – and a punch to the throat.  These sweat-inducers are at the medium-high level of the Scoville Chart.

#1. Habanero Peppers

Yes, admittedly, pretty damn spicy – but its flavor profile is incomparable.

7 thoughts on “Peppers! My Top 10 Favorites!

  1. And here I am over here with jalapenos and banana peppers. I like a little cayenne, serranos can be nice, and I can handle a decently fruity based hot sauce with habanero in it, I like smoked versions, chipotle and ancho. That’s it, low gear when it comes to hot.

    What about other hot foods? Mustard, horseradish, wasabi? Are there others? I do love me some of that type of heat too.

  2. I’m avoiding those extreme level SHU nowadays. I dislike the after effects they have on my bottom end. Fiery🔥 bum is very unpleasant.

  3. Jalapenos are my top level. Speaking of which, I grew my first jalapeno plant this year. It has several pods. I will make empanadas with them. Leftover rotisserie chicken, cheese, some chopped jalapeno and pie crust, then voila=empanadas!

    I wonder if I could freeze the jalapenos, chopped in olive oil? That way I could drop a cube in soups or something? I make pesto and freeze that way. It’s wonderful to have homemade pesto all through the winter.

    I like cayenne too and it’s wonderful on fried potatoes/eggs. I add cayenne in soups/stews for a little kick.

  4. I love habaneros. A thin slice, atop a blob of peanut butter on a cracker? YUM. Never tried the scorpion peppers and never even heard of the Fatali and Datil peppers.

    I find ghost pepper flakes to be a great additive to otherwise dull dishes, like oatmeal or other grains. Doesn’t take much, but can really add a nice bit of a bite. Great list! Thanks for sharing a little knowledge!

  5. I love scotch bonnet pepper sauce but I’m more into milder tangy peppers now like peppadew and sweety drops. I love Banana Peppers, the brine is great for cooking.

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