Thanks to Coco, SLord, and TamDixon for joining me for my very first zoom fan chat.  We talked lockdown, projects, Dark Matter, Utopia Falls, a lot of Stargate, and, of course, food.  Suji even made a guest appearance.  It was so much fun that I’m thinking of doing another one in August.  Who’s in?

I’m all in on habanero.  Maybe scorpion.  I don’t think I could do any higher and still enjoy my meal.

Hmmm.  Methinks tomorrow may be a good time for a Top 10 Favorite Spicy Peppers List.

Whew!  Spent the last couple of hours reviewing the stock charts and sussing out candlestick patterns.  Bearish engulfing candles, hanging man, a couple of dark clouds, and even a bearish harumi signal a potential short-term reversal for gold stocks.  I do, however, remain long-term bullish.

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

15 thoughts on “July 9, 2020: Zoom calls, spicy chicken sandwiches, and a bearish harumi!

  1. Probably scorpion for me. When food gets too burning numbing hot and spicy, hard to taste anything to be enjoyable.

  2. My only experience with hot chicken is Belles Hot Chicken here in Melbourne. Their heat levels are “Southern”, “Medium”, “Hot”, “Really Hot”, “Really F**kin Hot” and “Sex Panther”.

    I think I went for “Medium” and it was pretty good. I probably could go up to “Hot” but wouldn’t go any further than that. I like to be able to taste my food and not be in pain when trying to eat.

  3. I am in for a Zoom chat. It would be great as I won’t be back to work yet.

  4. Oooh zoom chat – I know I haven’t been around a lot lately but I’m in!!!

  5. I would love to participate in a zoom chat with you, and I hope my English is good enough to be not just a mute listener.

  6. More zoom chats sounds like more fun. I’m in!

    I like habanero sauces, so I would probably enjoy chicken spiced with habaneros. Yum!

    Thanks for featuring Teryl Rothery. She is such a sweetheart and one of my favorite actors.

  7. Back on the Kanye anti-vaxx propaganda, I’m very pro vax but….. African Americans might not embrace any NEW vaccine because of the long history of experimentation/abuse of minorities in the U.S. The syphilis clinic in Alabama from the 40’s is just one example. That seems like a long time ago but they were still forcibly sterilizing American Indian Women in the 70’s to early 80’s,

    SHINYHULA: I’m sorry we didn’t get to hear your voice. 🙁 However, do you think you share that plantain recipe again? I had fried plantains in Florida last year and loved them!

    1. It was later than the early 80s, I remember back in 2001 I was part of an online history group for Native American history and we were trying to get it into public attention that the powers that be were will still doing sterilization for minorities. From memory it was both in Canada and in the States. I found people didn’t want to accept that it was still happening. Like it offended their identity or something. Over in the states they organised marches in Washington but they weren’t covered by main media. It was really disturbing.
      And I don’t think it ever goes away, that genocidal attitude.

  8. Sorry, last post (I think). Back to the calico genetic thing, I’ve seen genetic characteristics passed on through breeds in animals. Calico cats are known to have an “edge” to their personalities. I love calico cats but each calico I”ve had the pleasure to live with had a temper. I’m drawn to mercurial personalities, I suppose.
    Dog breeds have similar traits through specific breeds. This is not absolute, I mean, not all dogs follow that rule but if you work with animals you can see a pattern of behavior. For instance, chocolate labs are more hyper than black/yellow labs. Is it poor breeding habits? That could be some of it. Once a breed becomes popular, greedy people breed them for mula.
    Anyhoo, that’s why I believe it’s nature AND nurture on personality.

  9. I think, like so many, I was disappointed when Dr. Fraiser was killed off. Rothery did a terrific job of it.

  10. Me!! Me!! I’m putting my hands up for zoomies. That would be fun.

    And are we talking about cats Tam? I’ve always liked tuxedo cats, but I rescued a ginger last year and fell in love that with him and people tell me that cool gentility is part of that type of cat. He had a gorgeous temperament. It’s a doggie house here, though the favorite breed with the rest of the family is Rottie (they’re a very sensitive sookie dogs, that don’t live long though, avoid them if you can). And a boyfriend of a friend asked us to look after a Puggle when he went to NZ and never came back, so we have one of those too. Absolute food whore.

  11. I sobbed when Janet Frazier died. I was NOT expecting that. And definitely Zoom. I did my first Zoom call with my old book club friends. It was so great to see them. They did the free one so we had 30 minutes. They were supposed to do one tonight but it didn’t happen. But my tiny IPhone screen only lets me see 4 boxes at a time. I kept having to scroll over to see the others when they were talking but it was old friends. I haven’t seen them since Patrick’s graduation 2 years ago.

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