I am amazed by the variety of chocolate bars that made of your respective Top 10 lists, especially considering I’d never even heard of most.  Looks like I’m overdue for a trip to my local convenience store.  I will, of course, report back once I’ve completed my research.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the Unites States…

Kanye West says he has had COVID-19, calls vaccines “the mark of the beast”

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked….

10 thoughts on “July 8, 2020: July?!! Did we skip June this year?

  1. Wait, it’s July? 2020? Where have the last 6 months gone?

    Here you go. I look forward to the next weird food purchase video. https://aussiefoodexpress.com/collections/cadbury-chocolate/products/cadbury-cherry-ripe-bar-52g

    If you have a PO Box I’d be happy to send you some Australia favourites.

    I briefly got excited when I heard Kanye was running for president. Some fresh blood into the game! Then I found out about his politics and realised he’s just a Trump collaborator.

  2. What’s this about you not liking The Sound of Music?! Are you crazy?! Only a heartless dictator or Trump would not like The Sound of Music!

    Doe, a deer, a female deer
    Ray, a drop of golden sun
    Me, a name I call myself
    Far, a long, long way to run
    Sew, a needle pulling thread
    La, a note to follow Sew
    Tea, a drink with jam and bread
    That will bring us back to Do (oh-oh-oh)

    Now EVERYBODY!!!! Sing!!!!!!……

  3. Sorry, late with my chocolate faves….. Double Decker (Cadbury UK, but you can get them in Bulk Barn),Twirl (Cadbury Uk again from BB), Tunnocks Tea Cakes (UK, yes you guessed it, also from Bulk Barn, these are more like dessert).

  4. Kanye West as POTUS ? Thanks, I got at least one good laugh in today.
    Well, Trump has said Kanye is a really nice guy so there is a great recommendation right there.
    Come to think about it, Trump has gotten the world used to a selfish,egomaniacal, infantile and low IQ POTUS so maybe they could transition Kanye into the White House and no-one would take any notice.

  5. My headphone/mic set arrived at 3:43 pm today, damn you Amazon! If Amazon was a dude he’d be Beetle Bailey and a billionaire. I will be testing them out zooming with my sis tonight. Thanks again, it was fun to test out my telepathy skills!

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  6. While you are on a mission to try new, everyday, non premium, type chocolates
    put Junior Mints on your list. I forgot to mention them yesterday but I’m definitely addicted!
    Even if you are not into things like Andies chocolate thin mints or York Peppermint Patty, these are different and there is a strong chance you will much enjoy them.
    Just be sure to get the originals
    not the “Inside Outs” or “Junior Mints Deluxe” that are nowhere near as good.


    1. Drea—do you have a Trader Joe’s close? They have amazing chocolate covered peppermints but smaller like in between a York peppermint patty and a Junior Mints. Exquisite. I meant to answer the chocolate bar question but I’d have to do some lists to get them down to a top 5 or 10.

  7. As far as the month, I don’t know where April, May and June went to. Just paralyzed with sadness really. It was so great to see Patrick again July 1-7 although we were shocked to see he lost 24 pounds and had some other things wrong. With the number of cases on the rise in Texas I am bracing myself for another round of people I know or their family members who will die. The governor finally decided to make masks mandatory with fines and the law enforcement members say they will not comply with that. So stores are not letting people in or they ask people who aren’t wearing masks to please leave and they melt down like a 2 year old. And gun sales are up which is terrifying to me in an open carry state. Hell in Texas you can openly carry a machete and it is legal. Weird times.

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