Akemi is apparently fully recovered from her back injury – only three days later!  It took me 6 months+ to recuperate from my pulled back!  And that included weeks of physiotherapy.  She just…slept it off!  This is an outrage!

Okay, looks like I have my work cut out for me this week – and next.  I’ve got to work on ten pitches.  No, that wasn’t a misprint  Ten.  But modest ones for the most part.  Six one-pagers based on existing I.P.  Three sci-fi originals.  And a polish on a more official, fully formed pitch of that other time anomaly series.  I also owe notes on a couple of projects and am about to sign a deal to develop an overview for an adaptation of a fantasy series (6+ books!).  Looks like I have a lot on my reading plate for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday’s movie-themed question:

Today’s movie-themed question:

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked:

And finally…

6 thoughts on “July 6, 2020: A lot on my reading plate!

  1. Lots of work to look forward to it seems. Sending you lots of positive energy. Best of luck!

  2. Is it about time for a Project listing as in:

    The first film I was, ‘dragged to’ by my parents (no choice there of course!) was Mary, Queen of Scots (1971). I was really too young and kept on asking ‘why did that happen?’. I was much more excited by The Phantom Tollbooth which was a little earlier.

    Christopher Heyerdahl was also great in the Kindler/Tapping series Sanctuary too!

  3. Just in passing I have to say that Ryan Kosmynka is damn cute.

    My sister dragged me to a Elvis movie I think it was the Jailhouse Rock maybe? I liked the music and the guys in striped pajamas and we got to have ice cream. So I didn’t complain.

    Going to the pictures was quite the thing, in those days. You had to dress up. And when you went in you stood up for the Queen. There was chick who walked around in a frilly ballerina like dress and a tray to with stuff on it to buy. There was a band and people welcomed you from the stage. We didn’t go often it was like 20 cents to get in. Very expensive.

  4. I’m glad Akemi is feeling better.

    Awed by your organizational skills. I have problems juggling just a few things a day.

  5. Glad to hear Akemi’s back is better.

    That sounds like a lot of great stuff ahead for you. Can’t wait to see what comes of it.

  6. As far as what movie I was first dragged to—I never was dragged to one. I was always at a movie that I wanted to watch.

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