“My back is very bendy!”

— Akemi this morning during her Kpop dance exercise, letting me know her back was feeling much better today.

She’s moving around much better now and as a result, doesn’t look so silly when she’s out walking Suji…


Note Suji’s look of utter bewilderment.

Akemi is (as you can see) quite careful when it comes to sun exposure.  As she puts it: “Everybody makes fun of me, but twenty years from now, everyone age except me!”

Today’s movie-themed question is…

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…

6 thoughts on “July 4, 2020: My back is very bendy!

  1. Akemi’s costume … I’m speechless. Her logic though … she may be right. LOL
    That person to the right of the picture seems to be having a carefree time in his/her own world.

  2. Oh, back issues? Glad you asked.

    For psysio, lots of therapists are willing to try out some remote appointments in the COVID era. I don’t know if that applies for new patients, but it’d be nice for the physio-wary. (“Physio” is what Canadians call therapy/rehab, right? Here in the U.S. we’re a generation past being wary of saying rehab louder than a whisper so we just say “REHAB!” for any old thing now.)

    Did I ever tell you about the time my parents’ therapist came around the corner with long, metallic equipment and two of my kids went into shooter-drill mode? I was a little disturbed at first, then I realized the therapist never saw them and my kids are born survivors.

  3. So glad Akemi is feeling better. Nothing worse than a bad back. Hope she continues to a full recovery

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