As I impatiently await word on TimEscape and that other heavyweight sci-fi project, I’ve been keeping busy on other development fronts.  I just delivered a rough pitch (and admittedly overly-detailed pilot breakdown) for the time travel series I’m working on with Doug and Kristin, signed a deal to script consult on a big foreign sci-fi series that looks to be a lot of fun, and had a phone call today about developing a mixed genre series for an old friend.  In the meantime, I’m pursuing news on that epic sci-fi comic book, the North American adaptation of that Korean series, and development discussions with that other comic book company.

Hey, did you remember to add a comment to this blog’s June 30th 5000th Anniversary entry for a chance to be one of three entrants to take part in a ultra-special zoom call with yours truly and three other blog readers?  There’s no telling what we’ll discuss.  Stargate?  Dark Matter?  These weird cluster headaches I’ve been getting lately?  Winners will be announced in tomorrow’s blog post!

Today’s movie-themed question…

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…

12 thoughts on “July 2, 2020: The Thursday Update!

  1. A great list of wonderful folks, I miss your behind the scenes crew pics, this world is so turvy topsy they could invent a Cure for Everything tomorrow. Yes, many projects on the go, awesome news! Bohdi-2, I loved following his saga.

  2. Congratulations Joe!! from down here in NZ. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts over the years, and your commitment is truly outstanding. We are a lucky blog community indeed!! Hope you’ve got your feet up with a well earned whiskey, with Akemi and the dogs!!

  3. Make sure to drink enough water. Maybe your headaches are due to it being hot and you’re becoming dehydrated. That’s my possible guess anyway. I’m really hoping to see TimEscape one day so I too am hoping for an answer on that front.

  4. I remember Louis Ferreira from Urban Angel. He had great chemistry with Kristin Lehman in Motive too. It’s always great to hear that the actors you see on screen are such nice people in their everyday lives.

  5. NOOOOOO! Damn you Martin Gero for tonight’s Blindspot episode. I won’t say why in case others haven’t watched it yet, but you know what you did.

  6. Good luck on your projects! There’s a desperate need for great sci-fi and time travel series. Speaking of great sci-fi, when I was recently watching an SG1 episode, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if DisneyWorld/DisneyLand had a STARGATE attraction/ride!!! It would fit right in with the other rides and attractions at Disney. Even the wonderful theme song and music is Disney quality.

  7. It’s really good to hear you are so busy with these juicy projects. Can’t wait to see any or all (!) of them realised.
    I’ve recently been having a weird visual aborration in one eye, similar to a migraine aura but without the head ache. I went to the optician who gave me the all clear, eyeball wise. Phew!
    Imagine my surprise when the next day I get an invite for a Covid-19 test! TBH this actually came from a research app I put on my phone which logs your daily health. The idea is to track any other symptoms that may lead to Covid. Anyhoo, I took the test and, yay!, was negative but I still have this aura thing.
    Maybe your cluster headaches and my visual annoyance is just a Covid stress problem??? Hope yours dissipates very soon….

  8. Cluster headaches? Oh, those can be bad! I hope you find some relief. Imitrex taken with caffeine has been a life saver for me.

    It sounds like filming will start soon. Does anyone there have definite plans? My hubby works at a children’s research hospital. They are testing all on sight employees every three days and going through screening questions daily.

    I’m not big on facetime (I’m too hyper to sit still for long 😉 ). I would like to donate my chance to win to Quantum Mechanics, Ponytail or Maggiemayday. They’ve had such a hard time and this virus isn’t making life any easier.

  9. Well, shoot. After all these years I can’t believe I missed your 5000th post. Congrats Joe! It’s been quite a journey, and looking forward to another 5000.

  10. That’s a lot in the hopper. I’m hoping too that Utopia Falls gets another season. Really loved the show. I got Hulu just to see it and who would have known that I would wind up keeping it. Lots of stuff on it. Jeff and I just finished watching 11.22.63. A time travel show with James Franco in it. Really excellent.

    Things just have sad around here since March. Patrick was in lockdown at his group home. They just let him come home for a visit and I cried happy tears when they told us on the phone. He’s lost 24 pounds since February. I need to inquire how that happened or why that happened. A bunch of other things. Fortunately my pet sit that was going to happen until today canceled all but one visit so I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with him and it’s been really good for all of us. Too many friends or family of friends have died between NY and now here. And their families being virus-positive. I don’t imagine I have seen the last of the list. My pet sitting company is imploding. People are moving away to be closer to family or moving elderly parents in with them permanently, another client’s dog has metastatic hemangiosarcoma and I asked her if she could let him out in the yard so I could spend a few moments with him and she let me. But he was still his same old happy self so it was hard to say the words when it didn’t seem to be true; she sent me an update that its progressing; I won’t ask her again. I got to see him again and I can say goodbye to him in my heart when that happens. The others are just once or twice a year kind of people. I’m glad Jeff has a job and has been able to telecommute but me being in the office makes it difficult for him so that has taken me away from my main computer. And my friend killed herself. That was very difficult. I had a 3-1/2 week migraine that had me in bed barely able to do anything and that is when it happened. I told her daughter I wouldn’t be able to attend any service they had for her because of my lupus and masks weren’t mandatory at that point.

    So that is why I’ve been super quiet these past months unless I could hop on FB or use my business Twitter account with my phone. It’s good to know I can now get on your blog without an issue. Maybe when I couldn’t it was when the blog was all screwy for a bit and then I just assumed it was my phone not liking WordPress.

    Hope you and Akemi and your circles of friends and family are doing well.

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