Hard to believe, but this is my 5000th post.  Back on November 21st, 2006, in an entry titled, appropriately enough “The Beginning”, I started this blog, initially as a food journal to document at two-week trip to Asia.  When I returned home, however, I decided to keep it going.  I figured that it would be a good thing in that it would force me to write on a daily basis.  For as long as it lasted.  And, well, it’s lasted somewhat longer than I’d originally imagined.  Closing in on 14 years.  In that 14 year span, I have written an entry for every day (sometimes two) on topics ranging from film production to pugs to rambling rants.  And you have all been kind enough to come along for the ride.  So thanks for that.

Some interesting stats:

The #2 and #3 most popular search terms that led people to this blog were “Joe Mallozzi” and “Joseph Mallozzi” (for a combined 141,644 total searches)

However, the #1 most popular search that led people to this blog was “Julia Benson” (150,270 searches).

This blog’s most popular entries were this one:

May 12, 2011: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!

And this one:

Stargate: A New Hope

My second most popular month of blogging was May of 2011, which I believe coincided with the Stargate: Universe cancellation.

My most popular month of blogging was September of 2017, which I believe coincided with the Dark Matter online campaign.

5000 posts


2,216,351 visitors


And counting.

So how to celebrate this milestone?  Besides virtual birthday cake?  I gave it some thought and came up with…a zoom call.  I mean, it’s all the rage so why not?

Simply leave a comment on this blog entry for a chance to be one of three lucky blog readers to be selected for the 5000th Anniversary Zoom call with yours truly (with a possible guest appearance by my pug, Suji, although her schedule is pretty tight so no promises).  Later this week, I’ll announce the three winner after which I will coordinate a time for all four of us to jump on a 30 minute zoom call during which we will discuss…well, whatever you like.  Stargate, Dark Matter, any of my projections in progress, food, current events, or why The Princess Bride remake is such an awful idea.

Happy Blog Anniversary!

And grab a slice of cake before you go!

51 thoughts on “June 30, 2020: Happy 5000!

  1. 5000?? Happy 5000!

    It seems like just yesterday it was 2000! (And Akemi’s birthday, I think?) And 2001 was a real food odyssey!

    I did make it back from my backpacking trip on the Fundy Footpath, but about 5 kms from the end wound up throwing out my back when I bent to pick up a branch and throw it out of the way. It’s been a painful couple of days but feeling better today.

    1. Congrats on #5000! I started rocking with you when i became active in trying to save Dark Matter. I enjoy actively following your journeys and polls on food and film and hope you continue on for another 5000 posts. I’ll definitely be along for the ride until the wheels fall off.

  2. A Princess Bride remake it one of the all time worst ideas. Count me in for chance to celebrate!

  3. Amazing! Congrats! Please keep going. I expect to read this blog for at least another 20 years and more. Yay!

  4. As much as we like you Joe could we just have the Zoom chat with Suji? I’m sure people would even be willing to donate. Maybe even make it some sort of charity auction.

  5. I love your blogs. I am partial to Stargate and Dark Matter topics. Suji being the Queen is always number 1 with me.

  6. Wow!!! 5000!!! Congrats!!!

    I followed DARK MATTER twitter page & that’s how I found you. Then I did my research & found out that I have watched your career from the get go & didn’t even know it.

    I love how you share a bit of your life with us fans. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SUJI SUNDAY! Suji Sunday is my Sunday ritual, I wake up, eat breakfast, then get on twitter to see Suji Pic for that Sunday.

    So once again Congrats on 5000 & hopefully another 5000 More!

    Susana J

  7. I have enjoyed following your ruminations since discovering Dark Matter. I have also come to enjoy reading about your foodie experiences and penchant for all things hot and spicy. I am still trying to figure out how you are able to read as much as you do given all the projects, travels, and trips for food that you accomplish. I would love to dish about comic book collections, ComicCons, pepper festivals and food. Count me in.

  8. Happy 5000 ! I can’t get my head around 5000 blog entries, that is quite a feat.
    Count me in, we can swap some nonna recipes…

  9. Happy 5000 Joe, thank you for writing this blog it has been an interesting ride. Here’s to 5000 more 🎉🍾🥂🎉

  10. Happy Blogiversary, Joe! Would love to chat with you about anything/everything…your blog has been a lovely source of inspiration and giggles (usually just when needed most!). Cake! Pugs! hugs to you and Akemi

  11. Happy 5000! After having read this blog for about 12 out of 14 years, discovering it when I got into Stargate as it was still airing season 10 (I think that’s when, at least), I suddenly realised that I have absolutely no idea what I’d talk to you about. I kind of feel like I know so much about your life already. Perhaps we could just 日本語で話します?

  12. Happy 5000! And like Gforce, I remember the 2000th blog entry. So another 14 years to the 10K? I’m in!

    On the Princess Bride remake, why try to remake perfection? I fear we’re gonna end up with another mediocre remake that only serves to diminish the original.

  13. Congrats on such a feat! Longevity in any medium is rare these days, but I think the connection you have with your fans keeps it all alive. Hope to be the lucky winner and talk about all things Dark Matter, Stargate and comic books!!

  14. 14 years of daily blogs as of today’s date – Man, that’s admirable dedication! Here in the Vintage Time Machine Service Center, we knew years ago who was picked as the Zoom call participants (great choices!), but I’ll keep mum since drama and suspense are the spice of past times! Oh, and about when Dark Matter … [the remainder of this communication has been removed by the Temporal Integrity Department]

  15. A very happy 5,000 Joe! I don’t know how you do it. Such diverse content and always something to make you think. Anyway, thank you for inviting us into your life. I wondered what your thoughts might be re the Princess Bride remake. Yes, it should be left alone. I doubt i would ever watch it 😉

  16. Congrats on the big 5K! That’s a huge achievement. There’s probably a world record in there somewhere but I can only find a record for most consecutive personal YouTube vlogs.

    I think I started reading your blog sometime during pre-production of Stargate: Atlantis. I’d only just got into SG-1 and was keen to hear about this new show.

    While I don’t comment often I read every day. One of my most prized possessions is the signed and annotated copy of the Window Of Opportunity script that I won on the blog several years ago. I had it hard-cover bound and it sits on the bookshelf next to a copy of the illustrated Lord Of The Rings signed by Peter Jackson and the book’s artist, Alan Lee.

    Here’s to another 5000 posts, hopefully with behind the scenes stories about your new 10 season sci-fi epic!

  17. Wow 5ooo that takes a lot of dedication and the fans are certainly happy you post regularly. I started reading your blog back in 2014. I always enjoy the behind the scenes photos and some small teasers about the projects you are working on at the time. I also really like when you post the books you have read. I have actually bought quite a few and really enjoyed them. Congrats again

  18. Congratulations and thanks for including us along the way! I started lurking back in the early days of your blog because of a shared interest in Stargate and food blogs. Of course, some of my favorite posts have been about your fur babies through the years. I still remember their names and favorite photos.

    I only found my voice here in the past year. I’m not sure what caused me to pipe up, but it’s been fun throwing myself out there.

    Here’s to the next 5000 posts! May they be filled with news of your latest professional conquests, Akemi’s cooking, fur baby goodness, and anything else that excites your writing juices. Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

  19. Wow Happy 5000, I have lots of blog posts ideas but usually worry that they’re not good enough to post. But writing everyday – that’s a great achievement. HAPPY 5000 woot!

  20. I think that I have read all of your posts and I also look forward to many more to come I started just to keep up on Stargate news but stayed for your interesting and the way you look at life.

  21. Happy 5000! Any more news about TimeScape? I left Twitter due to friends being silenced. My handle was @trustme2021. We’re still hoping for more Stargate on GateWorld.

  22. Happy 5000th! I can’t believe I am finally leaving a comment after reading your blog every day for over 13 years! I found it after reading quotes from it on a Gateworld thread and have been enthralled by your behind-the-scenes insights on some of my favorite shows ever, as well as all your dogs, trips to Japan, foodie reviews, and adorable Akemi. My husband has accused me of having a thing for you more than once over the years, and my 4 kids grew up hearing anecdotes from your daily ruminations. I have learned so much about Canada & show business! Thanks for taking us all along for the ride, and giving me a sense of stability during some rough patches (even though I never felt bold enough to comment before!). You are an amazing writer (Window of Opportunity will forever be my fave) & a blessing to all your readers!

  23. Congratulations Joe!! I have been dropping into your blog for many years now. Nice to keep up with you, Akemi and Suji since you left Vancouver.

  24. Hi Mr M!

    Wow!! 5000!!! Congratulations! My fave entry has to be : April 6th 2008 !!!

    Thank you for all your musings on here. Though my frequency to drop In to the blog is challenged ( due to now starting a part time PhD (!) ), I swing by regularly. A note too on the excellent people I’ve met through the blog – and our very special dinner in Vancouver in April 2008- over in “Fuel” – what a blast!

    Hope all well – and the best from the Emerald Isle. – P.

  25. Congratulations Joe,
    Always a great read when I get to work every morning, please keep up the great work 🍻🍻👍

  26. happy 5000! i have been around since the dark matter cancelation as that was the time i realized you had a blog. i envy your commitment, i often don’t know what to write and have lots of lowkey days so i always fail in my journaling attempts.

  27. I’ve loved being part of your blogging over the years. You’re blog is a constant in my life while living in a chaotic world. Even when life’s journey throws me curve balls like hospitalization or time between employment I always find my way back to your blog to escape or what almost feels like catching up with an old friend. Thank you for blogging about your life, family and career. Happy 5000!

    I know you’re not traveling as much these days and with covid or a desire to eat healthier you’re eating in more. I hope someday to see more meal reviews and especially food tasting videos from you. I miss those a great deal.

    All my best to you, Akemi and Suji!

  28. Congratulations and Thankyou! I’ve been reading this blog since I was 16 way back in 2009. Enjoyed the ride and looking forward to the next 5000 posts. From England

  29. Yay! 5000 – that’s stargatin’ amazing 😅
    Well, if I win I know what I’m going to answer you … even if it probably won’t be something someone else hasn’t thought of too. Anyway, congrats with the 5K 🙂

  30. Happy 5000.
    Of course the downside is that I still have 4000 past entries (following for nearly 3 years now) to catch up to.

    I found your blog via Dark Matter. I really do not know how you manage to write every day with all the other things you do. Maybe you discovered a way to time loop without creating a paradox?

  31. Congratulations Joe on your lofty and well deserved honor! 5000 posts WOW! I’ve been following you since the premiere of DM (still waiting for years 4 & 5). I enjoy reading the blog, because of all subjects and diversions you bring up on a mostly daily basis.
    Off the subject question…Any chance with having another round of DM cast & staff watch parties? They were so fun and enjoyable.

    Again well done and on to another 5K!

    Don (Sakima)

  32. Well done Joe! I’ve loved the column for the last 3 years and I’m hoping for many, many more. Now how many words are contained in those 5000 blogs? More than you’ve written professionally? All the best.

  33. Happy 5000! I’m always in awe as to how you manage to post something every day, and always keep it interesting and fresh. The Stargate-related posts are my favourites, but I’ve also learned a lot about your other shows, not to mention picked up a few brilliant books recs from your blog posts over the past year or so. So, thank you, Joe! Here’s to the next 5000!

    1. Congratiualtions for this outstanding anniversary.
      Here’s hoping for another 5000!

      Somebody should call Guinness, this must be a record!?!

      I’m still reading the blog although not as regularly as I used to do. Really should try and make an effort, since you still post everyday.

  34. Wow! That’s a super milestone to celebrate. Congratulations Joe. I can’t even keep up an annual diary for a month….

    I came across your blog during a desperate search for more info on ‘the new TV show’ Dark Matter. It’s still my most favourite series (Great stats for the Dark Matter September of 2017 BTW) I’m still holding on to the hope we’ll get some resolution one day (and One returns to the Raza Crew!)

    I may not comment much but as with many others here, I love to read your blog. It’s part of my routine. Totally love the foodie bites even if some …. um… sound a little dodgy!

    Thanks so much for sharing 🤗

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