I honestly don’t understand the mindset behind not wearing masks.  It seems to come down to people not wanting to be told what to do – like, say, wearing seatbelts or not opening cabin doors while in flight.

Yes, I know that many conspiracy theorists hold that the virus isn’t that dangerous (despite the 120k+ death count and rising) and that the death statistics have been overstated (even though data demonstrates a significant uptick in the overall death rate in comparison to previous years suggesting these numbers are actually understated), but I’m still having a hell of a time getting anyone to explain why we’re being lied to?  Authorities tanked the economy because…?  They are heavily invested in mask companies?  Please, do tell.

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18 thoughts on “June 23, 2020: Hey, conspiracy theorists, what’s the endgame? Not too fruit loopy, please.

  1. I don’t know either, sometimes I think people get stuck in adolescence ‘ you’re not the boss of me’ . My sister’s 59 and she’s like that. With the kids the main theme of the program is coding, ADULTING and thinking – the adulting part is the part that most of the employers complain about with new graduates or trainees.

  2. Some say Covid was created by the democrats to destroy Trump 😝 or that it was deliberately released by the Chinese. I think they where testing it and it got out of hand.

  3. I don’t really follow the conspiracy theory stuff because I try to avoid having completely lost hope for humanity. Though, I think I’ve read something about the pandemic setting us up for having to have the vaccine which will implant a microchip which will track us everywhere (because the phone they’re using to spread these theories of course NEVER tracks you eye roll) for some undefined reason and something, something… something, and then world domination. And 5G. Or something. I don’t know. I’ve yet to read the explanation of how EM radiation can give you a virus. Anyway, I’m thinking it’s just that pandemics are an integral part of human history and a big one comes up sooner or later. Luckily, the science that these folks so blithely dismiss has helped this one from turning into another Black Death. I wonder if there were conspiracy theorists back in the 1300’s? (And, um, don’t google that.)

    Totally the same with the movie viewed the most times! Sometimes I watch it more than once a season.

  4. 120k+ death … You mean the USA number I assume.
    Global fatality is 474k+ …

  5. Clearly the They’re lying to us because They WANT to reduce the world population. They couldn’t win on global warming, so this was always plan B.

    They tell us to social distance to make sure we can’t meet new people and have sex. Social distancing will NEVER end. If you believe Their lies you’ll never have kids! And the vaccine They’re “developing” is part of the plan! It vaccinates you from fertility! The CDC is pacifist Thanos! The only way to save the human race is to ignore the corona-hoax and pick up the pace of reproducing as much as possible!

    (I know this might qualify as “loopy” but this is literally the answer I got when I asked some family in Utah this same question. People seriously believe this.)

    1. I actually do think large corporates, and powers-that-be do want a drastic cut in population size, it’s just better for capitalism. Money rules.

  6. Another thing they don’t tell you about surviving Covid-19 is that you’ll come out of the hospital with a 300k-400k plus hospital bill.

    @Tam – Can the adult day care be for me? I want to go. I am currently trying to get my dad into a very good dementia (nursing home type) center. They won’t take him for another 2 weeks. That will be 2 more weeks of no sleep. And if they decide they don’t have space for him, I don’t know what I will do except just cry.

  7. I am unable to express my true feelings regarding those who believe it was a political act, or that it’s not a real thing.

    I’d be thrown off the web.

  8. I don’t think COVID was done on purpose. The people powerful enough to do it on purpose are old and their schemes usually get young people killed so it doesn’t seem like them. Also, tanking the whole economy on purpose was nuts, although the richest people seem to have fared well so I won’t completely take the possibility off the table of it being done on purpose. I am resentful that the economic collapse that was going to happen anyway will now get blamed on the pandemic and few will have learned anything (not that many have the power to change things if they understand the tomfoolery that goes on).

    The masks became polarized within the left/right paradigm. It’s not 100% along those lines, but there are plenty of people who first decided whether to wear a mask because it aligns with their side of the paradigm. Also, in the U.S., the CDC gave wishy-washy advice on mask-wearing at first. That jammed mask refusal into a right-leaning suspicion of people trying to get you to follow designated experts. For me, I trusted the CDC so little, I was free to decide before the CDC finished figuring it out to use a mask based on the Eastern success with them without conflating it with whether the government’s experts can be trusted.

    One reason to think the government might lie would be just that they don’t know what the truth is. It’s staffed by incompetents. I do think it’s capable of getting good teams together in a pinch, and this is certainly a pinch. I don’t think the government has been at its worst through this because its worst usually involves corruption of institutions and it hasn’t had enough time for its response to this crisis to have become too corrupted. It’ll get there as this drags on.

    Another reason to think the government might lie is that totalitarian moves have become more common. It takes more draconian measures to milk money from a poorer and poorer population and getting the population conditioned to be more compliant would help with that.

  9. I don’t want to get into name calling (finger pointing) but when I see someone without a mask, I don’t assume anything. Maybe, for medical reasons they can’t wear one? However, with the CDC/health departments coming out with conflicting reports every couple of weeks, it does get confusing. That might be one problem in mask wearing.

    One good thing about masks is maybe it will become routine on planes.

    Did you see the findings in Italy? They found covid in their sewage system before China informed the world. That’s not big news to me. I always thought it was suspicious China announced the virus and then had a completed hospital spring up within the week. One study suggests it started in China back in August.



    Nantokanaru77: It’s hard to tell the actual number because there’s fraud in the numbers. If someone dies in a car accident, and tested positive for covid, they count that as a covid fatally.

  10. Let’s consider the starting point, Wuhan, a 5G city where the symptoms of covid match up with microwave poisoning according to videos on brighteon. If it is 5G, this year and next years roll out in North America, the ahem, covid virus will remain a constant even with the dna changing experimental rna vaccines being rushed into production. Welcome to generation sick, traced, medicated and increasingly less human thanks to nano technology.
    One of the horse riders is not just biological pestilence, it is also electronic. Revelations was the Cliff notes on the future.

    1. Except that “microwave poisoning” isn’t really a thing – it’s just complete word salad. Microwaves don’t “poison” anything, they just get converted to heat when they hit water. They’re also not contagious.

      The simple fact is that “5G” has been around literally for decades – it’s the same band used by UHF TV stations. Nobody got Coronavirus in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s.

      To answer Joe’s question though, the simple answer is that some people crave attention and will make things up in order to feel important. Others will believe these lies uncritically for the same reason – believing the lies makes them feel special. Trying to find an answer to “in a world where these lies are true, who benefits?” is a waste of time because they’re not based on logic or facts.

      1. Karl, you seem to be open to discussion on the subject. Can I count on you supporting an impartial investigation of 5G technology? Will you take the time to read people’s person accounts of being damaged by wireless technology – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/child-health-topics/known-culprit/electromagnetic/chds-5g-and-wireless-harms-project-monthly-summary-may-2020/
        People do have real concerns from 4G/5G/6G to Bill Gates health tattoos. It all can fit into a dystopia.

  11. I haven’t ventured far into the conspiracy theories, but apparently masks are so antifa cannot be identified and you aren’t antifa so no mask, that they want conservatives to have brain damage so the democrats can change all the laws, that faith in God is stronger than a mask, that masks are useless so why bother, that only the weak need to wear masks, that herd immunity means people need to catch this and get through it, and my favorite “muh freedum:”. Sorry for the run on sentence, I couldn’t dignify all that trash with proper punctuation.

  12. My theory is the virus was a test. How fast can a virus spread in modern times? Can we make a virus with X% fatality rate, can we safely reduce the population on a global scale without war? Can we told it to more elderly and 20-30 population? Can we minimize children?

    All in the name of controlling climate change, elder care, and resources.

    Next time? 15% fatality rate. 😳

  13. Yes of course the virus was deliberately engineered and released by the Illuminati to increase their chances of world domination.
    I mean, it’s so obvious, Duh…

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