I recently put together a list of My Top 20 Sci-Fi Movies and was thinking of doing something similar for the literary side, a Top 20 of my favorite novels in the categories of sci-fi, fantasy, crime, thriller, and horror.  THIS has proven a lot harder than I imagined, not because I’m having trouble coming up with titles, but because I have way too many to squeeze into a Top 20.  Hell, even a Top 30 would be kind of tight.

As I’ve been going through my list of favorites, I’ve been tempted to do some re-reads, something I never do simply because my To-Read pile of new books is so enormous.  After several months of not reading, I have slowly but surely resumed my habit, starting off with a graphic novel a day (I’m on Day 56) and now blazing my way through the ten thrillers I borrowed from my local library.

For those of you keeping track…

Any of you avid readers of the suspense/mystery/thriller genre?  If so, any books you highly recommend?

Today’s film-themed question of the day…

6 thoughts on “June 20, 2020: Back in the swing of things!

  1. Every Dead Thing by John Connolly. Practically every other book in the Charlie Parker series.

  2. In this genre,(not my regular genre) but a few standouts that come to mind:
    Alistair Maclean : Fear is the Key, Night without End
    William Goldman: Marathon Man
    Dean Koontz : Watchers

  3. I’ve been re-reading a few of my favorite series but I’m not sure they are your cup of tea. Longmmire, John Sandford’s Prey series and the Expanse novels are my go-to novels these days.

    Did you see the rings that detects covid symptoms? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/researchers-say-oura-rings-can-predict-covid-19-symptoms-three-days-early/ar-BB14TJpv I’ve read that the NFL are going to use them to help restart the season. I wonder if these could be used to restart filming tv/movies too?

    I’ve been telling my son that he’s living in a cornerstone of history. My generation has had several but this is his first, that he’s old enough to appreciate.

    Ponytail: Thanks for the support. I hope you’re getting some sleep these days. Dr Jo’s sister, Virginia has a hubby with Alzheimer’s (Bill). Virginia has Bill in an adult daycare a couple of days a week. Is your area open enough to have that available? Bill is such a great guy. He was a high school sports coach. It’s sad to see him slowly lose himself. One day there will be a cure. Hang in there Ponytail!

  4. Hello Joe… I have 3 suggestions…
    “Listen to Me” by Hannah Pittard
    “You are One of Them” by Elliott Holt
    “Night Film” by Marisha Pessl… more of a horror thriller.
    (actually most of my favourite books are gothic /horror/sci fi/fantasy/supernatural)

  5. The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child and the recent Memory Man series.
    I cut my sci-fi teeth on the Lensman series by E E Doc Smith and recently got the hard backs to re-read. Still felt the power of his writing and got englobed again. Having “red-bronze-auburn hair” and unusually colored “gold-flecked, tawny eyes”. Heck yes.

  6. I haven’t had much time to read despite the COVID lockdown, but I really dig some old school thrillers like Storming Intrepid, Clear and Present Danger, and Neuromancer. I need to try some of the books on this list!

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