Last night’s movie-themed question was…

So, how’s everyone doing?  What’s new and exciting?  Here, same old, same old – although I did have a pretty good chat with my management team recently.  We covered a variety of topics and projects, but the one I’m most excited about it TimEscape, my sci-fi series in the vein of Dark Matter, SG-1, and Atlantis.  Having read the bible and two scripts, they feel it could find a home as a network show as they are actively looking for more upbeat programming.  Finally!

Inspired by an article listing the Top 50 Thrillers, I visited my local library (‘s website) and (digitally) borrowed a few books.  Ten to be exact.  And I have three days to read them.  I got started today with…

Seriously.  Anyone who has read any sort of mystery or horror novel in the past twenty years will guess the twist and then spend the rest of the book hoping against hope that there will be some unexpected twist on the twist because it couldn’t be so simple.  But it is.  As for the mystery at the heart of the book…  Well, it’s less at the heart of the book and more somewhere farther off, like at the kidney or spleen.  In the end, our protagonist solves it by mere happenstance.  Dramatically unsatisfying is my two word review.

Tonight’s movie-themed question is…

14 thoughts on “June 18, 2020: Villains, TimEscape, Thrillers, and Annoying Kids!

  1. Good to hear a bit of promising news about TimEscape. Fingers and toes crossed! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  2. Things are going pretty smoothly here. Next week, if the weather agrees, I’ll be backpacking the Fundy Footpath for four days with a couple of friends. I’m sure it will be as challenging as usual.

    That is great news about TimEscape! Sound really promising and I can’t wait to see that on screen. You’re right – we need it now more than ever!

    As far as annoying kids go, the first one that came to mind was that kid in Iron Man 3, that helped Tony Stark at various points. The character was the sum of every cliched precocious kid that ever graced the screen. I was annoyed from the minute he spoke.

  3. “So, how’s everyone doing? What’s new and exciting?“

    I’ve put in 20 volunteer hours so far with “Metro Health”, San Antonio’s city health district. I’m helping with COVID-19 contact tracing, interviewing patients who have tested positive to help track the virus’ local spread.

    Nice people, rewarding and engaging work, getting an hour of needed sunshine while driving to /from, and getting out the house…what more could a retiree want?

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: That kid in the Babadook was so incredibly annoying that it took ALL of the enjoyment out of the movie. I kept hoping the little s*** would get killed already.

  5. I’m sure filming Timescape will be very interesting. In more ways than one. 😉

    I’m keeping busy here with yard work.

    I have been successful on not leaving negative stuff on twitter/FB accounts, so that’s something. Just trying to keep it positive and get into some kind of normal.

  6. “What’s new and exciting?”

    Got a new refrigerator. Had to. My 30 year old Kenmore konked out. That’s new. The bad part is I lost about 85% of what was in there. The exciting part is I could eat a lot of this food and just see what happens. Unfortunately, I can’t feed my 95 year old dad any of this food and take that risk.

  7. OGREMKV : Good luck!

    Ponytail: Sorry about the fridge and I hope you get some rest tonight.

  8. People are out and about here in Kingston. They are social distancing, but I’m more concerned with out-of-towners coming too soon to the city.

  9. We had to get the hotwater tank fixed, exciting stuff, but hate cold showers, elements went bad, we do have hard water, and maybe I should have drained it more often. Home most of the time, and here in Fl, you know they say spiking again, I see masks and no masks, I wear mine. We could use more rain, but I am careful what I ask for.

  10. That is very encouraging news about TimEscape.
    Will keep my fingers crossed for ya! xo
    Albeit, maybe? consider just calling it
    “Timescape” with a small ‘e’?
    Tim Escape sounds kinda weak.
    Just doesn’t much of a fun or appealing ring to it.
    Or maybe call it something like “Time Cheaters”?
    or Timecapades? (think – IceCapades).

    What’s new here?

    Lately I’ve been on the hunt for Toasted Almond Ice cream.
    I’m also consuming alot of Texas un toast from NY.
    ( It’s NY brand Texas butter garlic toast, with parmesean,
    that I’ve been thawing for 30-45 seconds in the microwave
    instead of popping it into the toaster oven).
    I’ve also been eating roast beef sandwiches with deli coleslaw on them
    instead of the usual lettuce and tomato.
    Albeit, I sure do miss Hot Pastrami on Rye!

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