We’ve noticed a marked uptick in Suji’s energy lately.  Don’t know if it’s been the collagen or the extra walk, but she is, as the Japanese would sort of say, downright genki!


Phasing in that summer wardrobe.


Windy day.  Can you tell?


Show off!


Once around the park and home, James.

12 thoughts on “January 14, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. I’m sooo happy to hear Suji is feeling better!! She even looks more alert too 💕🐾

  2. Looks like spring suits her. Glad to hear that Suji is feeling more perky and has the “pep in her step” back!

  3. Tiny yet mighty Suji is at least twice the size of a blade of grass! Someone help me stop watching F is for Family which I didn’t know existed until today. I’m grooving to Roch Vosine and Garou to chill after a day of Bill Burr cursing a blue streak giving me flashbacks to my own foul mouthed 70’s dad.

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