Thanks for all the well-wishes.  Suji is doing fine although, as I pointed out last Sunday, markedly slower on her walks.  We’re cycling collagen into her meals and are looking into CBD oil for her as well.  Her hindquarters have been cramping up a bit lately, something that happened a lot when we first adopted her but abated over time.  Something else to keep an eye on.


Still, appetite is great!  She continues to be very vocal about getting treats, table snacks, and going to bed as early as possible so that she can get her goodnight treat.


And she’s always excited at the prospect of a walk.


Crankiness levels remain encouragingly high.


Stay safe out there!

7 thoughts on “May 31, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Glad to see this little 105 years old lady still keeping you and Akemi disciplined. 😆

  2. Sweet Suji! I’m glad she’s still having a good life. A full chemistry panel would still be a good idea. Just to check her organs for any problems.

  3. Wonderful update for Suji! Thank you for soliciting helpful comments/feedback as you are working your way through various remedies. In an effort to be sincerely helpful, please also consider taking Suji to a specialist in veterinary ophthalmology services. I always enjoy the photos you post of Suji, but have noticed a marked change in her eyes recently which may be due to age. However, many big-eyed breeds can be inexplicably stricken by SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome), and there may be some correlation with Cushing’s Disease. My hope is that you are already aware of these conditions. SARDS can easily be detected by a specialist through the use of a chromatic pupil reflex test using red/blue light. I am not trying to cause alarm or distress, just a sincere and genuine desire to be helpful. Love you all! <3

  4. Love you, Suji! (And, of course, I’m fond of your parents.)

  5. I love seeing Suji model her outfits ,booties and like the nail covers! She is so stylish, thanks to Akemi I bet.

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