I couldn’t resist.  I was in the cereal aisle of my local supermarket today (in my masks and gloves of course) and decided to pick up these two boxes.  I’m more of a steel cut Irish oatmeal type of guy, but was inspired by Gabe over Cereal Time TV.  In truth the last time I had this type of “kids” cereal was maybe give years ago – and only because I was experimenting with ice cream flavors derived from cereal-flavored milk (Cap’n Crunch was the big winner).  Before that it was, uh, much longer, back when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons like The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour, Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, and the hallucinogenic Ralph Bakshi Spider-Man.


This was my first time eating Chex.  I think I avoided them as a kid because I recall them being a lot better for you back then.  While this may still hold true in the general sense, I’m pleased to report this version did NOT taste healthy.  And it retained a nice crispy texture in milk.


The smell of maple syrup this you the second you spent the package, but not in an unpleasant way.  Suffice it today, it smelled sweet.  And it delivered.  Like the Chex, the mini Eggos also retained a nice crispy texture sitting in milk.

While Akemi preferred the texture of the Eggos, she preferred the favor of the Chex.  I enjoyed them equally and look forward to working Cocoa Puffs into the rotation at at later date.

Hey!  Haggis Ice Cream?  Yes or No?

9 thoughts on “May 29, 2020: Breakfast cereal and haggis ice cream. But not together, because that would be gross.

  1. Yes, on all those cereals. In that same vein, despite recommendations by random enthusiastic strangers on the Vancouver SkyTrain, Cinnamon Toast Crush is NOT life changing. It’s ok.

    I’m gonna have to go with no on the Haggis ice cream. It’s just… no.

  2. I like haggis and it looks like a simple, milky base, so why not try it at least once. I’m game!

    My favorite sugary cereal is fruit loops for their strong fruity flavor, but I usually eat frosted wheat as more of a healthy compromise. At least I’m getting some fiber with my sugar that way. I, too, love organic steel cut oats. Good old Walmart sells several flavors (maple/walnut, blueberry), but I still tend to add a squeeze of maple syrup to my oats for a bit more flavor.

  3. Well, actually, the CDC now recommends… jk, I wouldn’t pass on that drivel.

    Did you discover why adults eat dessert after eating a hearty meal and why those are called “kid’s cereal”? Involuntary naps are one hint.

  4. The other day I was trying to buy All Bran Flakes but wasn’t paying attention and bought All Bran Honey and Almond Flakes by mistake. They taste OK but are very sweet.

    Nutri-Grain was my cereal of choice growing up. I’d still eat it as an adult if it wasn’t for all the sugar that is packed into it.

    My weekday breakfast is usually either two slices of toast with Vegemite, or a super thick slice of fresh bread with peanut butter, or 100% wheat flakes, or Weet-Bix. Weekends we mix it up a bit. Usually croissants, pancakes or porridge on Saturday and fried eggs and bacon on toast on Sunday.

    Ice Cream? Yes!
    Haggis? Yep. Tried it for the first time when visiting Glasgow a few years ago. It was on the hotel’s breakfast buffet and tasted good. Kind of like meaty, salty oats.
    Haggis Ice Cream? No thanks.

    PS: You need to proof read your posts that you type on your phone. Damn autocorrect!

  5. Oh, and thanks for recommending Cargo the other day. I watched it last night and it was good. Us Australians lament the decline of the Australian film industry and yet there’s gems like this that we never hear about and disappear without a trace. I had to go digging pretty deep into Netflix to find it.

  6. I don’t think I ever stopped eating “kids cereal” for breakfast. Heck, just the other day I bought a box of Teddy Grahams. Not a cereal, but definitely marketed for kids. I was looking at it in the store and remembered liking them as a kid. Then I realized I am an adult and can do what I want, even if that means buying “kids” snacks. I concluded long ago that eating healthy makes you live longer, and living longer just means you are old for longer. Most old people I know tell me that getting old sucks and I shouldn’t do it. So I figure I am better off enjoying tasty food and dying before I have to be old for too long. This is one reason I never stopped buying “kids cereal” and “kids snacks”, although mostly it is just because I like them.

    Anyway, back to cereal. My top three are Froot Loops, Captain Crunch (with the Crunchberries), and Cocoa Krispies. Oh, and Post Honey O’s, especially if you put some banana slices in it. Occasionally I branch out to a few others when I need a change of pace, but I always come back to rotating between those. I tried that Eggo cereal too when I first saw it. I liked it, but not more than my usual ones. I also agree that its ability to stay crispy in milk was excellent. I hate cereal that gets soggy too fast. (One of the reasons I like Captain Crunch.)

    Lastly, in my opinion Cocoa Puffs are downright terrible. I tried them once and ended up throwing out the box after one bowl. If you want a chocolatey cereal, go with Cocoa Krispies. But as the saying goes, there is no accounting for taste. I don’t think it is usually used in this context, but it should still apply. Maybe you will like Cocoa Puffs, but consider yourself warned.

  7. I remember watching Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Bugs, Yogi Bear etc on Saturday morning in the early ’70s and see the ads for all cereals you mentioned while eating and ONLY eating Corn Flakes. Though there was that time when Cap;n Crunch gave away Matchbox cars for 5 box tops. Then I was allowed that for lunch!

  8. Hello Mr. Mallozzi. I’d like to ask something Stargate related. Is there any chance of a Stargate Universe Soundtrack release? SGU had great music that I’d love to see it get released someday.

    1. Alas, a soundtrack release is not in my hands. That is a question for MGM.

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