Thank you to all those who weighed in with suggestions for Suji.  We’re going to try introducing collagen supplements and CBD oil into her routine.  Hopefully we see some improvement in the next few weeks.

Also, in the next few weeks, I look forward to seeing the results of our grand social experiment.  Either many are correct and the worst is over with regard to the virus so these mass gatherings will be perfectly fine – OR a bunch of people are going to be truly fucked.  Oh well.  I guess time will tell.

So after watching a collection of positively horrifying videos revealing the amount of bugs in your average strawberry, I decided to put my recent purchase to the test.  I soaked five strawberries for five minutes in a bowl of cold water, salt, and apple cider vinegar.  The findings?  No discernible insects.  And strawberries that taste of salt and vinegar.

Watched a couple of horror movies today.  I highly recommend this one:


Yesterday’s movie-themed question:

Today’s movie-themed question:

6 thoughts on “May 25, 2020: Results, a recommendation, and a couple of movie-themed questions!

  1. Horror? No thanks. I’ll stick with my sci-fi themed entertainment.
    Hopefully Suji will perk up soon. It’s quite hot outside today.

  2. As I mentioned to someone just tonight, it’s not the bugs you can see you need to worry about, it’s the ones you can’t. This was originally related to drinking water while backpacking, but I guess it still applies to a lot of other things.

    Speaking of other bugs, these people that are going out in crowds immediately boggle my mind. Just because you CAN go do stuff doesn’t mean you HAVE to. Yeesh.

    I can’t remember what movie reveal freaked me out the most. Maybe at the end of Blair Witch Project when they’re in that basement? Something about that scene (the rest of the movie was silly) just creeped me completely out.

  3. As to bugs in berries…many years ago there was a tart cherry tree behind a house that has been changed into offices. I would ride down on my bike and eat my fill. One day I noticed o tiny hole in a cherry. I popped it open and found a tiny white worm. I stopped eating and went home. Next day I thought about how many of the little buggers I had probably already eaten without knowing and never gotten sick. So I went back and ate my fill without looking for the works. My dad used to say you got some protein with your veggies/fruit.
    Gretta G

  4. Martin Freeman is excellent in everything! I’ll look that film up. Did you see him in Fargo?

    Have you watched Contagion? That’s a fun movie in these times.

    Good luck with the new meds! Are you still going to get the vet? A round of blood tests might be a good idea.

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