6 thoughts on “May 17, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Great! Just woke up because worked late last night.
    I’d like to see Akemi say “Ticklebelly and Tinkleberry” 10 times. LOL
    Yes to DM panel!!! Can’t wait.

  2. Darn, just got called into work emergently. Going to have to catch the panel later. Hopefully it’ll be recorded and posted somewhere. 🙁

  3. Was watching at home. Thank you. Like the glasses Melissa was wearing (was she in her favorate bar?). I didn’t know that Anthony was working on a law degree, or Alex was involved with a marshal art, and Jodelle was such a nappy-body (funny the screen would free on her).

  4. I enjoyed watching the Dark Matter Homecon, it would have been nice to also see One, so everyone. Because I’m in Oz it was actually kind of cool to have something in real time for this part of the world, though it’s really early in the morning. Love to see more of these.

  5. Great panel today. Big thanks to you and the cast. (I’m still having difficulty picturing Three listening to K-Pop.)

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