A shout-out to some of the local restaurants that we’ve been supporting during this lockdown…


They had the bad fortune of opening up just before the pandemic hit, but have been making the most of it, serving up fantastic Filipino food including the feature Kamayan Feast.

Jerk chicken, oxtail stew, fried plantain, and sailfish fritters are available for pick-up from this Jamaican restaurant that has also recently expanded into pantry sales.  Thus, you can also shop for necessities like milk, rice, and homemade rum punch.




Back in the days when we were shooting Dark Matter, whenever I would call my former writing partner after wrap, there was always a good chance that he was either on his way to – or coming back from – Banh Mi Boys, a local favorite offering everything from tofu banh mi’s and kalbi tacos to fried chicken bao and kimchi fries.



General Assembly Pizza does fantastic personal-sized pizzas, perfect for lunch, dinner, or stacking and freezing for those extra special breakfasts.


Yin Ji Chang Fen.  Congee, rice rolls, barbecue pork buns, and sticky rice purses – Akemi is an especially big fan of this local Chinese restaurant.



Arguably Toronto’s best known burger joint, Burger’s Priest menu includes some terrific menu (and off menu items), among them The Vatican City which is a double cheeseburger served between two grilled cheese buns.  Delicious!

Our Menu

I’ve been all about The Priest for a while now, but I must admit – Rudy’s has fast become a favorite as well since being introduced to it by fellow foodie and friend Robbie David.  They do a marvelous smash cheeseburger (with crispy end bits!) as well as an equally great fried chicken sandwich.




Tonight, it’s sushi from Omai Restaurant.  We’ll be doing the nigiri with a side of uni don.  It’s very interesting to note that this place shares a page with its sister restaurant, Furaidochikin, that does – if you haven’t guessed – fried chicken (with flavors that include salt and pepper, Shim Ramyun dry rub, OG Back Home Flava, and Gochujang Habanero!)



Not a restaurant, but a great source for the city’s best chocolate – SOMA Chocolates has been my go-to for years.  And, when the lockdown started, we placed a huge order, stocking up on bars, pecan pie tumbles, and pistachio butter.


Many more great restaurants I’m going to need to get around to supporting in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll report back!

9 thoughts on “May 16, 2020: Supporting my local favorites!

  1. Enjoy your downtown joints. Happy eating!

    Many are just trying to break even so they can at least pay their bills.
    Sadly, many businesses may not survive this crisis. 🙁

  2. Oh, that all look so good. Most of the local places I enjoy are not doing delivery, and I am not wild about Door Dash. My friend went and got me some good chicken and biscuits, but overall, I am stuck with my own cooking. In a torn apart house, this is not great. Pantry and freezer cooking for me. I have been supporting a local chocolate business with a subscription, Kauai coffee too, and I try to order jam from Etsy. Local Hot Sauce guy is open in the mall, he did one delivery, but now I;d have to go down there, Nope.

    So many people in our state whining about wanting to dine in, and so few wearing masks. Bad enough I have to have masked workers in my home almost daily, but going out is daunting. A simple headache is fearsome.

    I want katsu-don.

  3. Great, now I’m drooling on my keyboard. And I need my keyboard for the Dark Matter reunion panel tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

  4. Please deliver The Vatican City and Blue Steel cheeseburgers to Soma Chocolates where Bruce and I will be camping out for the duration of this lockdown. Thank you and have a nice quarantine 😀

  5. Oh my gosh, I want the Burger Priest and the pizza with a side of chocolates!!!. You know when I am hungry,(always) such lovely pictures!
    I wear a mask when I go out, its the smart and safe thing to do in this new world. safe for me safe for others. Not something I would have ever thought we would be doing…

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