“Alexa, spell dough!”was Akemi’s request.

“Dog is spelled D-O-G,”came the response.

“Alexa, spell doooough,”Akemi tried again, enunciating carefully.

“Do is spelled D-O,”replied Alexa.

I felt bad because I really thought she had nailed the pronunciation that time. So I tried: “Alex, spell dough.”

“Do is spelled D-O.”

“Alex, spell DOUGH!”

“Do is spelled D-O.”

Akemi was greatly amused.

Anyone who has Alexa at home mind giving it a try.  Has my time in quarantine degraded my English pronunciation that badly?

Every damn coronavirus commercial…

So genuine and heartfelt!

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Catching up on my A Graphic Novel A Day challenge…


12 thoughts on “May 14, 2020: Alexa, spell “dough”!

  1. Your friendly linguist (me) says to try,
    “Alexa, spell ‘bread dough’.”
    Let me know if that works.

    News from me: Found my COVID-19 volunteer gig. Will be helping San Antonio Metro Health with contact-tracing phone calls. Gets me out of house one afternoon a week, used my skills /experience, provides public benefit. WIN.

  2. Alexa, spell “Dough”.

    “Do is spelled D O”.

    Alexa, spell “Dough”.

    “Do is spelled D O”.

    Alexa, spell “Dough”.

    “Dog is spelled D O G”.

    Alexa, spell “Dough”.

    “Door is spelled D O O R”.

  3. Instead of asking to spell “dough”, ask it to spell “bread dough”. Siri got it right first time.

  4. When I ask Ok Google on my phone to spell dough, it returns with DOE. Although dough comes up as an option.
    As gilder suggests, bread dough is accurate.
    Suggest ditch alexa. Ok Google has the best voice recognition I have ever seen.

  5. Not Alexa, but when I asked my Google Assistant to spell, it replied “Dough is spelled D-O-U-G-H.”
    Got it right the first time!

  6. I don’t talk to Alexa, or Siri or that X Box voice that blurts out responses if it hears keywords in convos. I’m seeing lots of news about the tweetstorm, woo hoo!

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