Yesterday, Suji turned 15!  We celebrated with treats and an extra long morning walk.  AND also phoned in a refill on her stilbesterol!

My IG chat with the lovely Suanne Braun for her Hathor Hosts series…

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12 thoughts on “May 6, 2020: The Suji Birthday Report!

  1. Awwww… Happy birthday to Suji! 15 is an awesome age for any pet, so kudos to you for giving her the excellent care that she receives. Here’s to wishing her (and you good folks) all the best!

  2. Happy Birthday Suji!! You know it lasts a month, right?

    Excellent interview! It flowed seamlessly and covered a lot of territory. Question: Have you thought about doing another comic book or some other form of “illustration” to give a prospective studio or producer a vision of one of your new series you are working on, to help sell it like you did Dark Matter?

  3. Happy Birthday Suji! XO
    Wow. Hard to believe she is already 15 considering her high levels of enthusiastic energy
    when she’s awake
    and that she is probably in the best physical shape she has ever been in as an adult,
    largely thanks to all the rehabilitation and TLC efforts you and Akemi have afforded her.
    Also, very nice of you to spend a whole hour entertaining the stay at home troops on Hathor Hosts.
    Speaking of ….
    Now would be an absolutely perfect time to begin allowing Suji to do her own bi-weekly or monthly,
    you tube, series reviewing everything and anything she’s inspired or repulsed by.
    Could be short, 5-10 minute, takes about weird or wonderful doggy products.
    Or after thoughts about an unusual encounter while out and about in public.
    Or maybe how certain street art or tag graffiti makes her feel.
    Or offer her boldest opinions about some of the latest headlines in the news.
    Or maybe? She could become a roving reporter interviewing the likes of people in your building
    such as Ivon and your concierge. (while maintaining 6 feet physical distancing for health safety of course).
    No matter the topic, I’m sure it would be hilariously entertaining for all to watch
    and I bet you and Akemi would have a great deal of fun producing the series.

    So I’ve pretty much given up on reading mini biographies and Wikipedia pages of inventions and inventors. Couldn’t find any that were really all that terribly interesting, inspiring, or surprising.

    Has anyone binged season 1 of the new Amazon Sci Fi series, Upload, yet?
    Just finished watching ep 10 tonight. I also caught AMC’s Dispatches From Elsewhere.
    The real life behind the scenes story of how the DFE series came to be is intriguing.
    Albeit, of the two, Upload proved the much more fun, entertaining, end product to consume.
    I’m actually hoping Amazon gives it a green light for a second season whenever it becomes safe enough for cast and crew to get back to work.

    1. I loved Upload, that and Community have been my quarantine happy place. I wish I could build a cool window burlap sack herb and lettuce garden but the damn pigeons that terrorize our courtyard would despoil any produce I try to grow.

  4. Belated happy birthday Suji. I have a good excuse for missing this, too. Will post later. So grateful I’ll be able to watch your chat on YouTube.

    @Drea No I have not seen Upload yet. I’ll put it on our watch list. A friend made us his 4th family member to use his access info. Wasn’t that so nice of him? I’m going to get to see a LOT of things I haven’t. We got to watch Westworld and some other really awesome originals — I never got to watch The Expanse because of my Syfy boycott so we are watching that right now. There was a show on NBC that was cancelled after Season 1 called The Listener (that is on Amazon Prime, too). Now, I also got a Hulu subscription so I could see Utopia Falls and on there is another show on there called The Mindy Project that Fox cancelled after 3 seasons so I was able to see Seasons 4-6. Now I’m working me way through another show that was on NBC here that they cancelled called “Saving Hope” that Michael Shanks was in. I was rewatching the first season and plan to watch them all. Funny thing though happened. I came upon episode 11 of season 1 and two patients get rapidly sick after a flight from Mumbai. They test and it comes back CORONAVIRUS. I am NOT even kidding. I could NOT stop laughing (I had seen the episode before but forgot what it was specifically). Of course the one to which they were referring was SARS, and not SARS-CoV-2 (which is now called COVID-19). But it was one of those irony moments that make you just laugh. There are a few other ones on there we want to watch too.

    1. @PBMom I loved Mike Shanks in Saving Hope. Haven’t done a re-watch since the series ended.
      Now might be a great time.
      Thanks for the suggestion. XO

  5. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Suji!! 🐾💕🍰🍦🎉🎈And Many More!! 😁💋

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