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So, how’s everybody doing?  What’s the latest in your neighborhood?  Your city?

In Toronto, things feels same old same old.  We had an unusually warm day this past weekend and I did notice significantly more foot traffic, but everyone seemed to be practicing social distancing.  It made me think of the whole Sweden scenario and led me to wonder if it could work here.  I don’t know.  I think that their population is a lot less dense – in both definitions of the word.  They have a lot more personal room to roam but, unlike some Westerners, understand the seriousness of the situation and will avoid crowding beaches.  Can we be trusted to take the next step when lockdowns restrictions are eased?  From what I’m seeing in the U.S. so far, the answer is no.  But, let’s wait and see…

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8 thoughts on “May 5, 2020: Can we be trusted to do the right thing? Probably not, but let’s see!

  1. Crap I missed the InstaLive! Sorry!

    Things going pretty well here, though in NB today we had our first new case in 16 days, and is the only current case in the province. People here seem pretty good for the most part about social distancing and we do have the advantage of a relatively less dense population. I expect that may be part of Sweden’s story, though I think they still have had quite a few deaths. Time will tell, I suppose.

    I did go out to work on my section of the Fundy Footpath last Thursday since public spaces are now open. It was sure great to get back out into nature. Very therapeutic.

  2. It was a good InstaLive session. Good to see you.

    @GFORCE, the session is uploaded on IG @suannebraun account on her IGTV, and she mentioned she’ll put it on YouTube tomorrow I think.

  3. So Instagram will save a live recording for 24 hours which Suanne, I think has done, then it disappears. I’ve recorded it as well and will just check with her if it’s okay to upload it. I burnt my breakfast watching the conversation though, so… that’s on you. I thought she interviewed you well, although she really creeped me out as Hathor. That’s the worse kind of villain isn’t it? The one that makes you a willing slave.

    What’s happening in the US is upsetting and unsettling and I think it will get much, much worse. When I was a kid so many of the movies inspired me – freedom of speech, democracy etc. And now all that seems to be in flushed down Trump’s gold toilet. Australia and New Zealand are lucky – although the Australian PM is a drongo, most of the State Premiers ignore him and tend to watch and follow much of what New Zealand is doing – and the message there is ‘be strong and be kind’.

    The kids and I started breaking down the CovidSafe tracking app the Australian government is pushing, we’re finding all kinds of wrong – and some stuff that’s just plain stupid. When we’re done we’ll get some gurus in the community to attack our research – iterate our work from there and then share.
    I am worried about a second wave – there’s this attitude ‘hey, nothing happened! It’s a big nothing sandwich lets go back to normal’ – people are a little too loose.

    I got asked to speak at an international conference where two of my Heroes are speaking! I feel like an impostor and was going to say no, but I found out one of those heroes put me forward. Now I’m petrified.
    But on the good news side, my cat seems to be coming out of the woods. He scared me when he started peeing blood. But it’s clear now, he has bladder control, has his appetite back and other than being tired and pissed off with me and all the pills I have to get down his gullet… I think he’s going to pull through.

    Please you and your family keep safe.

  4. Well, I live in Utah, and we have a plethora of natural wonders from National Parks to state parks, BLM and Forest Service lands, vast swatches of public lands which are stunning, and a populace which is used to getting out there People come here to get out there. Also, a state of large extended families who love to gather at the drop of a hat. Also, a state where many think it is all hype and will not war masks. We are doomed.

    In very local news, a five year old from Ogden hopped in mom’s SUV and was on the freeway headed to California to buy a Lamborghini. Drove better than most adults.

    Having a flood in my house has not improved my mood or outlook at all. Locked in looking at a mess is really not great. Plumber coming today to check the water line. I should get dressed.

  5. I’m sorry I missed; I have a good reason.

    @MaggieMayDay — Sorry to hear about your flooding issue.

    @KatKarena Don’t get me even started on that topic. About the other–the app–I’m not too keen on getting the app. It’s bad enough I have to give permission to a map program to use my phone for directions. I know full well they are tracking me for other things since I get interesting ads that tell me they are tracking me somehow.

  6. I got to meet Natalie when I was working on The Crossing that she was in for a few episodes. She was super nice.

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