Akemi: I need to get this sweatshirt now that I’m baking bread.
Me: Why?
Akemi: Because it says Bakery.
Me: It actually says Berkley.
Akemi: Berkley? What’s that?
Akemi’s junior garden is coming along nicely!
And her first attempt at bread baking was a rousing success as well.
I was, perhaps, a little overly enthusiastic in my support – and ended up with a bit of a tummy ache last night.
Hey, check it out!  Great deals on cruises!
They say necessity is the mother of invention…
A suit that allows you to safely socialize in times of pandemic…
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Don’t forget!  Tomorrow night!

8 thoughts on “May 4, 2020: Akemi! Cruise deals! And pandemic suits!

  1. The garden is really going well! And the bread looks like it came out great.

    Who in their right mind would go on a cruise this year? And yes, I realize there will be tons of people that will. Because, people.

  2. How is your brussels sprout? Growing?
    Bread looking great!
    Cruising? … Maybe a few years from now … Not anytime soon.

    May the fourth/force be with you all!
    Will try tune in tomorrow!

  3. Cut me off a chunk of that bread and put a slathering of butter on it! It looks heavenly. A stomach ache would be worth it. You gotta pace yourself Joe.

  4. Holy crap, Akemi! That’s an amazing loaf! Nice oven spring! Good dough slashing! Did you get a money shot after it was sliced? I want to see the crumb.

  5. Are you gluten intolerant? (wouldn’t that be funny? 😉 ) Otherwise, I’m with Ponytail about slathering it with butter and enjoying that loaf. There’s something about warm bread with butter. Oh, and maybe a little honey drizzle, too. Yum!

    The seedlings look great too!

    I’ve only gone on one cruise. The crew was excellent about cleaning. I was impressed with their work ethic. On one day, they even cleaned our balcony with a pressure washer. It’s the passengers that were slobs. A lot of them stayed drunk and smoking sections seemed optional. I mainly ate, napped, read books and avoided the other passengers. If I could find a cruise line with only a few (non smoking) passengers, I’d give it a go.

  6. YAY! GO AKEMI!!! That bread looks like it came out deliciously perfect! XO
    The garden looks like it’s coming along very nicely, as well.

  7. Very impressive garden already. And well, looks like I already missed the event. There was a very good reason (I’ll write more on a more current post) I’ll see if I can watch it non-live.

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