4 thoughts on “May 3, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Whoa! leave some sunlight for the rest of us. That’s a lot of veggies.

    I remembered later I was wrong about beets taking only 3 weeks. I was thinking of radishes, but beets are still a great taste to grow yourself.

    I did once grow those red beans and lost zero garden space because they grew along my fence. If they’re the kind I grew (some heritage variety I got from my cousin), if you let them grow past that edible size shown on your package, the mature pods get really huge and look really neat and waxy, like some alien tapeworm. My son brought them to school for show and tell and passed out seeds to the whole class: $’s spent: $0.00.

    You might give the seedling roots a tad more depth on the next batch.

  2. I’ve tried raising plants from seeds. It’s difficult with cats around. They seem to be drawn to tender young seedlings. I just buy the plants from a garden center now. However, if anyone can do it, I’m sure Akemi can. Please post pictures of her young seedlings.

    My Mom has downsized her garden but still grows tomatoes, It’s easier for her to buy the produce from the local Amish farms now. They have the best tasting corn I’ve ever had! They call their variety Peaches and Cream and it’s so sweet. It’s worth the trip to my Mom’s just for the corn.

    Our state has eased restrictions and everyone is taking it slowly. Our region is not a dense population center, so I’m hopeful. Do you know Toronto’s schedule?

    My new treadmill is very cool! I’ve worked up to four miles per day. Mostly, I’m walking but I’ve worked up to a jog for shot periods. My feet (Plantar Fasciitis ) seems better on the treadmill. Better shock absorption or something?

    I pray everyone is safe, sane and healthy!

  3. I wish I could grow things. I can’t even grow tomatoes with tomato plants started by someone else and I definitely can’t even keep a cactus alive. I’m doomed. LOL. I even tried starting from seeds. That didn’t work either. But I have faith that you guys will.

    @TamDixon: Very cool about the Amish farms. I’ve always been fascinated by their culture. Glad to hear your plantar fasciitis is better. I switched from walking (which threw me into a fibromyalgia flare–something I hadn’t had in over 15 years) to swimming. I just swim different strokes for 30 full minutes and stop. My pool is heated to a nice warm 95 degrees. It agrees with my body.

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