A global pandemic is bad enough, but now Murder Hornets?  If I was giving notes on this movie script, I’d flag this particular late first act turn as a tad OTT.  But, hey, I’m not writing this one so…


Came across this clever explanation of the importance of masks on reddit the other day.  Meanwhile back on the home front…



Thanks again for all the bread baking tips.  Akemi started on her first loaf today – and may well have screwed it up.  But we’ll find out tomorrow after she bakes it!

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…

3 thoughts on “May 2, 2020: Maskivists, murder hornets, and proper pants etiquette!

  1. This is only the end of the first act?? Good lord! What’s coming by the end of the third? An asteroid impact? I’m sending this back for a rewrite.

    The coordinating Akemi and Suji look smashing. Safe AND fashionable!

    I need pictures of this bread!

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