As a young child I was obsessed with seeing Poppin Fresh come leaping out of the Pillsbury Dough packaging and was convinced the only reason he wasn’t putting in an appearance was because of my mother’s failure to strike the counter top hard enough.

I’d be like “Harder!  Hit it harder!”  And my mother would insist “I am!”.

But her efforts were half-hearted at best.

Hey, thanks to everyone for the break baking tips.  Akemi fed her starter today (and, of course, documented the occasion).  She  bakes two days from now!

Uh oh.  Apparently, short nosed dogs – like pugs – could be at higher risk of catching the coronavirus!

Fortunately, Suji is antisocial and won’t hesitate to remind other dogs to be mindful of social distancing (by biting them).


Back off!

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7 thoughts on “May 1, 2020: Pugs, bread, and Poppin Fresh!

  1. I, too always loved the poppin’ fresh dough, but I insisted on trying to give the roll a whack myself. Turns out that stuff really is hard to open, and I remember at the time thinking I was going to break the edge of the counter if I hit it any harder.

    Make sure you post a picture of the final bread product! Apparently, some people give their sourdough starter a name (since it is, technically, alive). Have you and Akemi chosen a name yet? You might find this some help:

    My favourite is “Fred Farter the Bread Starter”, but don’t let that sway your decision.

  2. Oh I Luv Suji! Bite ’em girl-show them who’s Boss (with the three teeth you have left Lol).
    Funny you should mention The Pillsbury Doughboy. I’m doing my new kitchen in that motif and I just bought a 1988 set of salt and pepper shakers off ebay for myself Lol! Poking his big belly always made me laugh hysterically.
    Take care!

  3. I can’t believe sweet little Suji bites other dogs. You must be mistaken! Your house is going to smell so good when Akemi cooks the bread. Did you ever cut your hair? Akemi could do it. She can do anything.

  4. Ah. Good ole Poppin Fresh with his adorable giggle. My baby brother was quite smitten with him in the late 60s. Gforce is right. Those cans really were hard to open. So much so I had developed this strange irrational fear that the contents and or the can might explode due to being hit so hard multiple times at the edge of the counter. In younger years, when i had less time to cook, the few times I decided to purchase pop open can biscuits i made sure I held the can away from me at arms length and that my head was fully turned away to protect my face before i began wacking it.

    Hope Akemi’s bread turns out well. Looking forward to the video.

    By the way: Could you please let her know, if she wants more tomato and less plant she need only pinch off the lower rows of leaves, once the plant stem fully thickens, leaving just the upper two rows.

    I experimented by allowing one plant in a separate container to grow without pruning
    while pinching off lower rows of leaves on a near by plant for comparison. Got 4-6 more healthy, juicy, tomatoes from the pruned plant and it was ready for harvest 2 full weeks before the other plant.

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