So, what are you doing about your hair?  Entrusting a friend or loved one to cut it for you?  Shaving your head?  Allowing it to grow up so you can get creative with styling?  I was somewhat fortunate in that I got my haircut just days before my city went into lockdown – but I feel I’m going to have to make the call in the coming weeks.  I wonder if Flowbee shares have seen a pandemic bump –

So New Zealand is calming they have eliminated the coronavirus in their country – which is great and all, but how, exactly, are they going to maintain that 0% infection rate over the long haul?  Are they just going to close up all of the airports, torch their planes, and have done with it?

And how goes the quarantine (or lack thereof) in your neck of the woods?  Are people getting antsy?  Seeing a lot of foot traffic out your window, especially as the weather gets nicer?

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18 thoughts on “April 28, 2020: I wonder if I can cut my own hair?

  1. It’s funny you should mention the Flowbee – just this past week a YouTube car reviewer who’s really entertaining promised when he reached 50K subscribers, he would reveal a deep, dark secret about his hair. And he did!

    Micah also has been doing some really interesting fly overs of L.A. by helicopter during the quarantine. So weird to see the highways so quiet.

    Myself, I simply bought a rechargeable set of clippers, slapped the #3 guard on and went to town to and even length. It comes out well enough, though maybe not clean along the edges as the lady who normally cuts my hair does it. A lot cheaper in the long run though.

    Pretty much the same here during the lockdown, although with the nice weather people are definitely antsy. Heck, I’m antsy.

    1. Jeff’s sister-in-law and the kids (these are the kids of his oldest brother who died last year) and his aunt & uncle and I think another cousin and her family all live out there. Lori (his sister-in-law) said it is so strange driving around with all the traffic at minimums and how beautiful the sky has become.

  2. Well, I’m afraid as many of us predicted from the start, the consequences of the lockdown are starting to be much worse than the virus. Mental health, suicides , crime and poverty all through the roof , especially in the world’s poor countries where government unemployment benefits don’t exist.
    Lebanon riots in the news this morning.
    The suffering in India also due to job losses and tourism drying up.
    It’s going to be ugly for many people who are not as fortunate as us, and don’t live in nice countries like we do.

  3. A few months ago (before the Apocalypse) I invested in electric clippers and have been giving myself a weekly #1 buzz cut ever since. I was paying $25 a month to get the same thing done professionally so I figured a $70 investment in some clippers would pay for itself in no time! I don’t have that much hair left to worry about! 😛

    Hairdressers/barbers are still open here so it’s not really an issue. They’re all masked up and liberally applying hand sanitiser everywhere.

    New Zealand relies so much on tourism they’re going to have to open the borders eventually but for the time being if there’s no more infections “in the wild” then they can start getting back to normal. That’s important. Hopefully once the borders start opening there will be a vaccine and other control mechanisms in place.

    Australia is not far behind New Zealand. Infection rates are dropping significantly and there’s talk of lifting some restrictions. There are advantages to living on an island!

    There was a LOT more foot traffic than normal during the initial weeks. I live near a park so there’s a lot of dog walkers going to and fro. I have to be very careful driving out of my driveway because there’s almost always some pedestrians crossing. But here in the Southern Hemisphere the weather is deteriorating so there’s less people out and about now.

  4. Don’t knock the suction based trimmers. They actually work really well and sales are still strong even without the pandemic.

    Thankfully, I got fed up with salon prices 30 years ago and learned to cut my own hair. My father did mine when I was a kid and, for a lark, I let him do it again as an adult just before a particularly important meeting in NYC. It was all I could do to keep from laughing when people kept raving about my hair and asking about getting in with my stylist. See? Anyone can learn to cut hair. Or maybe Akemi can. It just takes courage, patience, and practice.

    Unfortunately, my state has reopened its doors without ever fully ramping up testing. People are rudely running to stores without facemasks, refusing to stay six feet away, and generally acting like it has all magically gone away. I’m staying inside with the doors and windows locked tight!

  5. Had a meeting regarding what’s called the Trans-Tasman bubble, i.e. NZ and AU restarting business with one another but blocking out the rest of the world. Currently there is a 1.5 year ban on the USA, actually stating that they’re a cesspool of disease, who can’t get the situation under control. Fair enough. Wouldn’t you want to be protected from an external threat? I see that the media in the US is slowly revealing that this is a lab engineered strain, which we already knew about in December. They also seem to be in denial that the second wave of infections is coming with the next strain that is already moving throughout Asia. And today a headline was right out of my next book on the genetic revolution… that this is causing a class divide of “haves and have-nots”. Yeah, what did you think would happen.

  6. I got my sister to do my hair… to be fair it turned out better than I had hoped but there is an almost bald patch at the back now haha! On the bright side I just finished watching Utopia Falls season 1. What a story line! Reminds me of Blakes 7 in some ways. Hope you stay safe and well Joe!

  7. I have glorious long hair, got a good end cut beforehand. I can, and have, go years without a cut.

    Our state is one which didn’t do a lockdown, just a suggested shelter in place, with individual cities doing more. Or less. We still have rising cases and deaths, but they’re going to “reopen” soon. It is foolish and selfish, thoughtless. I am not going to go out unless I need to. I will wear a mask and be a crusty old woman. This is all so crazy.

  8. I think you’d look great with a ponytail. Maybe, it would give you an arty look. 😉

    Sorry about your Mom not being able to garden. My Mom is 85 and is putting tomatoes out now. She’s extremely stressed about the news coverage. It’s all a ticker tape of how many have died or who tested positive. I sent her a box set of Hallmark Christmas movies. Hopefully, someone can work the DVD player for her. She CAN use technology but refuses too. 🙄

    How is your Mom handling all this stress? Anymore cooking videos to look forward too?

    Kat: How is this Aus app different from the Apple/Goggle app? I read that the NHS refused to use Apple/Goggle app. I was discussing this app with a friend and she was all for it. She saw an interview with a google rep talking it up. Of course, the interview left out the possible privacy concerns or battery/cellular data drain. I mean, Goggle has been caught spying on their consumers already, so it’s not a stretch to see where this might go.

  9. I like having long hair,,,haven’t had a professional cut in 30 years…scissors are all I use,,,when it gets shaggy…

  10. Joe, there are instructions right in the package the clippers come in. My mom said, if the cuttee was happy with their last haircut, you’re always safe taking an inch off every hair, but I can’t keep track of that many hairs.

  11. On haircuts, I’m headed towards a David Crosby hairstyle, if this goes on too much longer. At least I’m keeping my mustache trimmed, so no walrus for me.

    Locally, things are getting better with only a couple of new cases. We can buy garden supplies now and local supply chains seem to be recovering, so that’s progress. I’m hopeful for more good news in the next couple of weeks.

    Now to get the garden bed tilled and plant the seedlings.

  12. I’ve been cutting my hair 4x a year for the past 11 years. I don’t even have to look in the mirror to do it anymore. In that timeframe if I went to GreatClips I would have spent almost a grand instead I’ve spent $40 on two clippers.

  13. This is a good reminder to buy more sulfate-free shampoo, I’m seriously neglecting my cheveux in favor of a constant hunt for grocery deliveries. Last night I found a neighbor about to pounce on my freshly delivered vittles, apartment living during a pandemic very much blows. I can’t stop cooking old childhood favorites; my mom’s potato salad with roasted peppers, basil and garlic (to kill any stray Coronamites), plus So Delicious lo cal ice cream toasted blueberry pop tarts as my a la mode. I can’t stop chopping, frying and baking away; I never wanna work in an office again.

    Not sure if this will post; my work ol’ skool Explorer version keeps returning error msgs using WordPress, but all the best to Mr and Mrs Mallozzi and Suji.

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