The highlights of my days are finding online deals and going down to the lobby to pick up deliveries.  We rarely remember what it was we ordered so it’s always very exciting to find out.  I’m thinking we should do an unboxing video.  You’ll never see two people more thrilled to unpack swiss chard.

So there are rumors that, here in Toronto, we may be easing lockdown restrictions at some point in the not too distant future.  Last I heard was late June. Meanwhile, in parts of the U.S., it’s already happening while in Sweden, they never really shut down.  Rather, the Swedes trusted their citizens to practice social distancing in order to achieve herd immunity with minimal disruptions to daily life.  Except for many elderly, of course, who have had their daily lives disrupted by dying.  Sure hope those rumors of possible reinfection are wrong.


 I’m two days into my #AGraphicNovelADay challenge.  So far…

Akemi continues to be very excited about gardening.  She ordered a bunch of seeds including, despite her clear indifference, my requested Brussel sprouts.  This morning, she informed me that all of the seeds have sprouted except for – you guessed it – my Brussel sprouts.  Coincidence?

Finally, I leave you with this burning question: Why don’t all supplements come in gummy version?


14 thoughts on “April 27, 2020: Blog Entry #4936!

  1. You actually read Josie and the Pussycats in space?
    For real?
    Can coronavirus boredom really be that bad?
    Or, was it the R rated version?

  2. “ Why don’t all supplements come in gummy version?”
    Because some of us take most, if not all of our meds & supplements in pill form. Convenient to take them in the same form.

  3. This morning, she informed me that all of the seeds have sprouted except for – you guessed it – my Brussel sprouts. Coincidence?

    Yeah, some plants are just a little slow. This year Barb and I bought a selection of seeds; perennial flowers for Barb and tomatoes, snap beans, okra, and hot peppers for me (all before our Governor banned gardening 🙄). Anyway, the seeds are coming along nicely, with the snap beans being the biggest, but the peppers are definitely the slowest.

    I have to repot the beans soon, and this weekend I’ll be tilling the vegetable garden bed. My mouth is watering at the thought of fried green tomatoes!

    On the gummi vitamins, how do you stop at one?

  4. I agree with you about the gummies. I just found Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. Great taste. And I have to agree with Akemi about the brussel sprouts. My husband loves them and I hate them.

  5. Josie and the Pussycats using a wormhole gate – the SG crossover that I never expected.

    I had hoped to get a deck top veggie garden started myself, but I better get moving if I’m going to. It’s still to cold to plant out side, but it wouldn’t hurt to get them started inside like Akemi. The problem is I guess a lot of people are doing the same because any local place I’ve checked is out of the starting kits. I guess I could use the egg crate approach too, though! Now I just need seeds, LOL.

    It’s been nine days here in NB with no new cases, so the province has started to ease some public space restrictions like beaches and parks. Social distancing is still expected though, and it will be two to four weeks before the next stage happens. Border restrictions will be the last thing lifted, which is wise.

  6. My dad used to grow things in TN that were difficult, like rhubarb or brussel sprouts. It might have been the climate or maybe, those are tricky? Anyway, can you buy the plants for them? Easier than seeds, for sure!

    Does your Mom have a garden? I know your Sis does because (I thought’d) you mentioned her growing ghost peppers. They might have advice or you could just buy harvested sprouts from the farmer’s market.

    I’ve become a big fan of brussel sprouts in adulthood. I noticed that anything my mom hated, we never were introduced to as children. 😉

    I’m feeling so much better. Either fever burn calories or my lack of chocolate consumption had an effect but I’ve lost a couple of pounds. I canceled my dr’s appointment (my hubby thinks I recovered because I MADE an app. 😉 ) but I will ask for an covicd antibody test when I go in next time.

    As for gummies, I agree with JeffW, I would have a hard time stopping at one. Except for those apple cider ones, they are super expensive!

    I received the oddest phishing email this morning. It started off listing an old password I used to use and said “Send me bitcon or your porn vids are going to be released.”. At least, it gave me a laugh but sure was weird.

    Yes, my mind is all over the place. Maybe, I’m not fully recovered. 😉

    Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

    1. Alas, no, my mother can’t garden anymore. But my sister has expanded her garden.

      Hope you’re back to 100% health soon.

    2. Oh my gosh. I got a similar email today and at first I knew there was nothing of the sort on the internet so I knew they were lying, so I put it into my junk box (which then makes them a blocked sender from that point forward), but as the day wore on I was disturbed that he had the password so I found out that password still existed on two web sites, and one of them I knew would have decent web protection, but the woman who owns the salon who does my hair has a client take care of hers so I don’t know how strong it was. I waited for almost 2 hours for someone on Norton to respond on the chat. So I went to Twitter to complain (using my business account). That is where I was helped. They said it was an extortion email and they could have definitely gotten it from hacking a third party source. So now I’m trying to change all passwords that even uses that as part of the password he had. They have the supposed email it came from as well. I did tell my friend who owns the salon that she might have been hacked.

      As far as gummies, I found that the melatonin gummies didn’t work as well as the tablet melatonin pill I took, so I don’t think gummies work for some things. I have had vitamin C gummies and they are delicious.

  7. “We rarely remember what it was we ordered so it’s always very exciting to find out.” YES, this!

    We are self-quarantined because of my husband’s health issues and I order most of our fresh groceries for curbside pickup. But snagging one of the limited time slots at the stores in this area is a real challenge, requiring constant refreshing of multiple apps all day long and into the wee hours. I feel like a cheetah hiding behind a bush at a watering hole, waiting to pounce on an unwary gazelle!

    The latest slot I managed to grab was only because I got up at 3:30 a.m. to make a brief bathroom visit. Instead of squinting at my phone in the dark and seeing the usual “None Available” message, when a free time slot appeared, I actually dropped the phone on my sleeping dog’s head in my haste to stab the right button before it disappeared. She was not amused, but I was as thrilled at winning the grocery lottery, at least for another week. 🙂

  8. Also, have you read anything about a few of the consequences of the lock down? I’m not disagreeing with it but there’s going to be a lot of issues missed/delayed: Before this, the U.S. had seen a resurgence of measles from anti-vaxxers,

    This is interesting and might be disastrous too:

  9. In New Zealand they’ve gone down to level 3, which is like what we’ve been doing in Australia (Oz) for the last 5 weeks or so. New Zealand is going for elimination (which is not eradication btw), Australia for suppression. My concern is with the success we’ve had down here, people will ignore the rules too soon and it will climb again. They opened up Bondi Beach this week, which I think was dumb, the back packers have had a reputation of ignoring all rules and quite a few of our community infections have come from that sector. Australia has released the mycovidsafe app, which I have serious concerns about. The kids and I will be doing some threat modelling on that over the next few days.

    In Oz, we’ve loosened the rules a bit so we can have a wider bubble of people to interact with. Some of my friends have asked to meet up this week, walk together or just chat. I developed Asthma last November and the bush fire smoke scoured my chest – it’s been several months but it still hurts. So a little wary about travelling into the city. Particularly as people are chomping at the bit for more rules to be dropped. I wonder if people aren’t going to get a false sense of things going back to normal because we’ve been relatively unaffected. But here in Oz I notice they’re following a lot of what New Zealand does, particular the Premiers that have more sense then our Prime Minister. So we’ll see, Jacinda Ardern is pretty firm.

    Charlie, our cat seems to be doing better, but is a lot of work at the moment. We managed to get him to pee again. He doesn’t seem to have complete bladder control yet or able to do large amounts. So he starts at one point on the lawn, pees a bit then shuffles up a few feet, pees again..rinse and repeats that about 7-14 times, poor bastard. And I’m constantly cleaning the floorboards every so often, when he is inside, because he drips. The dog is happy he’s home though, he was a bit lost when Charlie wasn’t here.

  10. Well Joe, If and when you go to Japan hope you Itadakimasu いただきますon your next meal. I came across that from a Northwest Airlines History Center crossword called “Dining through Tokyo”, Thai is more my forte’. I think things are on the mend. People are really giving some push back for the those claiming to in charge. In the states the people are starting to revolt. I am a special situation because of my injury is pre-corona19. I was avidly doing an iPod game and the advertisement comes up between games where the active participant use weapons that look familiar to the show Dark Matter. I wrote the name of the cartoon down and will add it when I find the paper. I was on Twitter this last week when I made a comment that Zoie took offense, but I think she excepted my apology. I did/do not want or desire to cause offense, but Twitter one must always be on guard to one’s vernacular. I didn’t ask her about her mechanical bull ride which I hear on a Youtube show hosted by Simone Bailly. I very much enjoyed Melissa O’Neil’s rebroadcast of her show with “Nyx” character which ended too soon. I think you made an appearance.

  11. I am liking Akemi more and more. She clearly has a lot of taste in disliking Brussel Sprouts. I can’t believe a country that produces Belgian chocolate and has the best detective in the world, Monsieur Hercule Poirot, would be the home to such DREADFUL vegetables!

  12. I planted,, some cantaloupe, zucchini and green peppers. we shall see, the race is on, which comes up first. and how to trellis if they do come up in my raised bed garden…

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