It was an absolutely gorgeous today.  Sunny.  Warm(ish).  The perfect day – to stay indoors because, of course, everyone else was out and about, taking advantage of the great weather.  Tomorrow, however, looks much more promising.  Rain in the forecast, from early morning into late evening.  Perfect weather for picking up gardening supplies and tinned smoked oysters.

So, how is everyone doing?  How are you whiling away the quarantine hours?  As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I have started educating myself on the stock market, something I really should have gotten around to long ago.  I just never had the time.  Or the interest.  But that has changed.  And it’s certainly helped that I haven’t exactly been feeling inspired to write.  I did come up with three series pitches last week (One a sci-fi series, the other a sci-fi series, and the other…a sci-fi series).  And I do have one more pass to do on Episode 2 of TimEscape.  Also, I am in talks with a couple of other great genre producers about developing a tricky time travel series.  But that feature I was going to write remains just a page full of story beats and plenty of good intentions.  For now.

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…

24 thoughts on “April 25, 2020: How’s your quarantine going?

    1. But I finally bought toilet paper yesterday; my last Amazon order lasted longer than expected. And tomorrow, I’m hosting a Zoom visit with my yarncraft group. 👍

  1. Well, I work from home, so, other than the boy being home all day, not much has changed. But I finally managed to get some painting on my latest model kit done.

    I’ve started writing again. It’s slow going, but I have learned that I have to focus on a single character or I get too lost and out of sorts. My dream of being David Weber is shot. Oh well.

  2. Not too much different here during quarantine, though being in the suburbs does allow me to get out and work around the yard as well as walk the trails in the neighbourhood while still easily avoiding people. Today, I raked the front lawn, then applied lime and fertilizer in preparation for over seeding when the weather is warm enough. (The lawn was not in good shape from previously being neglected.). Then I went to Home Depot to do a curb side pickup on the joist hangers that I ordered on line for the back deck. I also got a “Welcome” mat for the front door. They didn’t seem to have any “Go Away” ones. Then after dinner I dug my old mountain bike out of the garden shed and went for a short ride.

    The province has just begun to relax some restrictions such as outdoor stuff like visiting beaches and TRAILS – so soon I’ll be able to get back and do some trail maintenance which I’ve been sorely missing. We’ve had 0 new cases for almost a week, and most of the existing cases have resolved. We’ve come through pretty well. I hope ON and PQ come along quickly, too.

  3. I just got back from the weekly food shopping. The supermarket was relatively quiet. I’m all set for Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Schnitzel, home made Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi and probably a couple of other pasta meals. I also have some cream and pastry that I need to use so I see a custard tart in my future.

    Other than the cooking it’s just working as usual. The only difference is I don’t have the hour commute each way. So it’s actually a good thing! Except for the endless Zoom meetings. My head gets sore from the constant pressure of the headphones.

    I don’t know much about the stock market. I own a lot of shares in my retirement fund but my financial adviser does all the buying and selling!

  4. Walking. A lot. Especially now that the weather’s turned. Also, I had to say good-bye to my 14 year old beagle, Lily, this week. Always a tough time, as you know. Can’t write either, so I’ve cracked open the genealogy files. Facts seem to be easier to manage than fiction, right now. It’s a strange, new world in so many ways.

    1. Condolences on Lily’s passing. Always difficult to lose a family member, but perhaps even more so during these times.

  5. Working full time so not much change there. Cooking a lot when at home ( today it was home made sausages and eggplant pie).
    Looking forward to your sci fi series, hopefully soon. Hard to find really good sci fi on TV these days. Dark Matter, SG Universe, and Altered Carbon are my favs, so I have to keep rewatching them !

  6. I’m in Spain. For the last six weeks we have only been allowed outside if we have a dog (we don’t), or to go to get essentials. Today they finally let us take our kids outside for one hour (one adult, not further than 1km). My kids have been housebound for six weeks. That… sums up my quarantine. I went and walked my youngest kid today – and I made him walk the full hour. My husband is going to take our older son so he too can get sunshine.

    Otherwise I’ve been playing XBox, homeschooling, cleaning, sitting on our covered patio/balcony for sunshine.

  7. Still furloughed from work and waiting for the magical stimulus check. Lots of TV, some reading, a bit of gardening, and loads of lethargy.

  8. I am actually in quarantine since end of January – broken hip. From tomorrow on smaller businesses are allowed to open again here in Bavaria – but for now I only go out for physiotherapy.
    Since January I taught myself more on data visualisation with python using COVID-19 numbers as example. Also caught up with TV series I have on my list: last two seasons of Luther, first season of His Dark Materials (can recommend both). Also streamed some movies I missed in cinema: Border, Hitman’s Bodyguard, I am Mother, amongst others.
    And starting to work through unread books on my bookshelf, so I can lift my self-imposed ban on buying new books.

    Sadly, we likely have to cancel our trip to Canada we had planned for June (after a planning for a year) because of my hip and COVID-19. Hopefully this is just delayed by one year…

      1. Strangely not that much pain – only a long way to recovery. And I avoided a hip replacement, just several screws in my bone. Prognosis is no long term consequences….

  9. Dusted off work on my third novel. I’m also doing an Agent of Shield re-watch in preparation for Season 7. And I have four chapters of my Stargate Universe fan-fiction done. One more and then I’ll be ready to publish the next chunk (Chapters 6 through 10, Chapters 1 through 5 are already up.) Twirls his mustache as he knows that the signal is, but is keeping it to himself. Finally, my day job is still going strong, which helps me stay sane in these crazy times. Okay, enough ranting, back to work…..

  10. @STELLABYSTARGTE wanted to say how sorry I am you lost you baby Lily. They are family.

  11. Unaffected. I work armed security with drop-leg holster like in Dark Matter. LOL. I have a special “pass/letter” should I ever get stopped after curfew. Not needed to use it yet. Florida has been reasonable even tho’ I live and work in the biggest Bat Stew Flu hot spots. Miss me some Zoe Palmer Android. Going to re-watch ALL episodes of Dark Matter starting tonight! J.M., you are THE BEST!!

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