Learning about the stock market is kind of like trying to master the Death Mountain stage of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  In short, it aint happening anytime soon.  Today, I covered trendlines, breakthroughs, cups and handles, and the ever-popular candles and wicks.  And no, I can’t explain any of it to you.

This morning, Akemi noted that if there’s one thing this coronavirus has laid bare it’s the massive ineptitude and corruption pervasive across all levels of government and global institutions.  It’s been quite eye-opening.

Recently, Akemi was telling me about the benefits of contrast showering. Apparently, by alternating between hot and cold water, you can also improve circulation, boost your immune system, and increase energy.  The guy she follows on youtube alternates between a 3 minute hot shower and a 1 minute cold shower, doing 3-5 repetitions.  I’ve been more of a 3 minute hot shower, 3 second cold shower guy.  To date, my results have been negligible.

Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked…


5 thoughts on “April 23, 2020: I understand slightly less now than I did this morning when I didn’t understand anything.

  1. I’m fairly forgiving for those who start off on the wrong foot with the best info that they have at the time and then correct as they learn more. What I’m not forgiving of is those that start off on the wrong foot and then wilfully make it worse.

    I’m more a fan of the 3 minute hot, 3 minute slighter hotter, and then 3 minute somewhat hotter again showers. Still has contrasts! Though when backpacking in Grand Canyon, I have been known to take the 10 second jump into the 10C water with most of my clothes on (multitasking!) in 35C weather and then immediately jump out again bathing approach. Now THAT is refreshing!

  2. And of course, I really meant “ARE those”, not “OF those”. It’s after 9pm! That and six weeks of social isolation have turned my brain to mush!

  3. Hot and cold showers, yes, I could do that while I was in hot and humid countries. But definitely not cold shower in freezing cold winter Canada! Curious where that YouTube guy Akemi follows is from?

  4. Thing about the stock market is, there is always some genius who thinks buying/selling a stock is definitely the right thing to do. Yet there is always some other genius who thinks the exact opposite is definitely the right thing to do. Hence the “market”.

  5. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen here. Our water company does recommend you put a bucket under the shower so that you catch the water you don’t want to use (the cold stuff) and then carry that out to water your plants outside. I do have a window outside my bathroom that has one bush left living that could always use water. They also suggest you shut off the water when you are soaping up to conserve.

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