Guys!  I’m getting back in shape!  My daily workout is comprised of 250 squats and about 15 minutes of running around the apartment, dodging and ducking around chairs, my dog, and my wife.  It really gets the heart rate up.  I might do an exercise video if I start seeing results.

Also today – I was actually productive and got some writing done.  No guarantee that this trend will continue, but it was nice for a change.  Tomorrow, I might just go back to  ten hours of stock market-related research and occasional k-pop (Solar’s new album drops tonight!).

One of the things this research into financials has drilled into me is a volatility of resource allocation, supply routes, supply and demand.  And so I think it may be prudent to invest in another order of chocolate before my stores are depleted and the price on those chocolate-covered pecans goes sky high.  I’m very bullish on cacao.

I haven’t done this in a while –


7 thoughts on “April 22, 2020: Exercising, writing, and increasing my chocolate reserves!

  1. I had a great day today, it is my birthday. I ate, I slept, I ate, watered plants outside, beautiful day weather wise. Every day is an adventure! Be safe, stay healthy!

  2. Just watched The Big Short again. Maybe I will spend my time reading sci fi instead of watching stock news…
    We are fortunate here on Maui to have the beaches reopened and biking is encouraged. Much aloha!

  3. Arielle: Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the love on your co-workers! Always nice.

    I wondered how you were exercising. Do you have room for a machine? A few treadmills fold up.

    We ordered one but it hasn’t come in yet. Trying to run outside but my feet for killing me again (Plantar Fasciitis). I’m hoping the treadmill is better and I can keep moving until our YMCA pool is open again. I’m seriously looking into those endless pool systems this summer.

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