6 thoughts on “April 19, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. You know it’s Sunday when you kept refreshing this blog every few minutes looking for Suji. 😆
    Oh I miss Lulu. 😭😭😭

  2. I’m guessing after all the treat hunt, there will be a Suji poop storm to look forward to. LOL

  3. I sure do miss Lulu. 😢

    Love seeing Suji as always of course and her looking for all those snacks is making me hungry. And as it so happens, I just went to get provisions this morning and am fully stocked with treats myself! For now anyway. 🙂

    Did I see Akemi’s herb garden there? It looks like it’s doing great!

  4. My mother died last night. She was my lifetime best friend. I am going to miss her horribly. She buried three sons, but always said she had a blessed life, couldn’t complain. She almost made it to 95 yet I still feel cheated. I wanted more time. Cherish your parents and family while they are here.

  5. What a fun game! Suji caught on quickly to the circuit, but I wonder who was really the one being trained. 😉

    Awwww, Lulu. Such a cutie and, as much as I miss seeing her, I know that your sense of loss is still very acute and unimaginably greater.

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