Thanks to everyone who has made these Dark Matter rewatches a huge success: the cast and directors who have taken the time to rewatch, live tweet, and do the InstaLive Q&A’s, but also all of you who promoted and participated.

For those of you who missed it, here is actress Melissa O’Neil and director Ron Murphy’s Q&A following yesterday’s rewatch of Episode 213, But First We Save The Galaxy.  A big thank you to blog regular Kat Karena for recording it and making it available!

So, I’m thinking of starting #AGraphicNovelADay challenge where in I will attempt to read a graphic a day for a month.  Or until lockdown is over.  Whenever that is.  Starting tomorrow, I will announce the Graphic Novel of the Day.  I will then have some 24 hours to read it and weigh in with my thoughts either here or on twitter.  All of you are free to join in.  I realize that this could grow quite expensive, so feel free to offer up suggestions from your own collection.  If available, you can borrow a digital copy from your local library.  OR, if the title intrigues, you can purchase a digital copy from the publisher or over on Comixology.


What’s this?  Why it’s Akemi’s birthday lunch c/o Tala restaurant.  Grilled squid for her. Sisig for me.  Birthda leche flan for both of us!

I leave you today with one of the greatest commercials ever produced…

10 thoughts on “April 18, 2020: Akemi’s Birthday Blog! Sort of.

  1. Sisig is my favorite Filipino dish!
    Happy delicious birthday Akemi !!! Enjoy!

  2. Sorry, no squid for me. I’ve only had it once and it was like trying to eat a slab of rubber. However, I hope yours was delicious and that your day was special. Happy birthday, Akemi!

  3. Happy birthday, Akemi! Sending a big virtual birthday hug your way!

    My favourite graphic novel that I have a copy of is called Dark Matter. You might’ve heard of it.

    That termite commercial! It’s like some kind of tragedy!

  4. OMG! Thanks so much for the laugh. That termite commercial is hilarious! How on earth did you stumble on it?? Was it serendipitous in your search for a safe pesticide to use around your new balcony garden?? Via an illuminating and enlightening conversation with an e’er so interesting entomologist??
    or Was it sent to you by an experimental chef as an invite and enticement to try their new foam covered termite delicacy?

    A Very Happy Birthday to beautiful sweet Akemi. XO

    1. It was posted by @mikefreemanNFL on twitter. There’s a whole series of them!

  5. Wowza, that food looks wonderful! Happy Birthday Akemi!

    Funny commercial… 🙂

  6. HAPPY Birthday to you Akemi!! hope you had a wonderful day, and hope there was cake.. or delicious flan.

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