Get ready to join fans around the world today as we watch and live tweet Dark Matter Episode 213, But First We Save the Galaxy, with actress Melissa O’Neil, director Ron Murphy and yours truly.  We’ll be kicking things off at 3 ET/noon PT! Please double check the time in your area.


So, here’s a detailed breakdown of how it’s going to work.  Everything you need to know about how to take part.

STEP #1: Sign up for a twitter account and make sure to follow me @BaronDestructo,  @Mel13Oneil and @centralfiction1.

STEP #2: Sign up for an instagram account and make sure to follow @missoneil and @fakeronmurphy  [Note: If you’re using a desktop/laptop version of Chrome, you’ll need to download the Instagram Story extension.  – Thanks to Don R. Bell for this tip]

STEP #3: Cue up Dark Matter Episode 213, But First We Save the Galaxy, whether you’re watching it on dvd, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other means.

STEP #4: Make sure you’re following me on twitter.  Keep an eye out because at the appointed time (3:00 p.m. ET) I’ll tweet GO! which is your signal to press play.

STEP #5: Watch and tweet, engage with Melissa, Ron, me, and Dark Matter fans around the world.  For first time tweeters, just hit this icon at the bottom left of your screen –

And then write a message in the pop-up box (making sure not to go over the 240 character limit).  Hit SEND and you’re done!

Please include the hashtag #DarkMatter in all of your messages so we can find your tweets.

STEP #6: Once the episode is over, head on over to Melissa’s instagram page.  Once you see her icon on the left hand top of the page indicate she has gone live (you’ll see the word LIVE) OR if you see an icon indicating she has gone live (you’ll see the word LIVE) just click on her face and you’ll be transported to a live videostream of Melissa and Ron.  They’ll be answering your questions for about 30-45 minutes.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s Live Q&A with Melissa O’Neil and Melanie Liburd, blog regular Kat Karena was kind enough to save and upload it to youtube for us.  Thanks, Kat!

[And thanks to Tom Gardiner for the amazing movie posters and TeamRazaEurope for the  time graphic!]

6 thoughts on “April 17, 2020: Join actress Melissa O’Neil, director Ron Murphy, and Dark Matter fans worldwide for today’s Dark Matter rewatch!

  1. As someone who can’t participate in these rewatches in real time, I’ll give a huge thank you to Kat Karena. That was very much appreciated!

  2. Thanks to Kat Karena for the video. I don’t do social media so I’m out of luck. Both Melissa and Melanie seem so very nice. If the rest of the cast and crew were just as nice it is no wonder you miss working on DM, Joe. And it often comes down from the top (ie. Joe the creator/producer) what the atmosphere will be on the production, so it’s no wonder they are so nice. A bit of a circular argument that has kind of got a way from me…

  3. I recorded today’s as well. I’m not sure whether to upload it. Excuse me I’m not really Instagram savvy, I think Melissa may have recorded it? But I can’t find it on Instagram when I look on the web via PC, but it’s got an icon to go to on my phone. It was a really fun interview and I would love to hear more from Ron, there was part of his talk that I’m sharing with my trainees – when he spoke about the differences of learning from doing as to going to school. In the IT start-up community we always talk about ‘fail fast’ as the fastest way to learn. And I always say F.A.I.L stands for First Attempt In Learning.
    As my kids know I’m not a fan of school at all, I think its way over rated – we dive into the deep end by doing, it’s scarier, more engaging, involves everything not just your head – much more fun and a much faster way to learn.

    All of Ron’s books, pictures etc. and experiences were so interesting, yes, I would definitely love if there could be more interviews with Ron.

    1. I uploaded the first hour of Melissa O’Neil and Ron Murphy’s interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0rIqCcGbVQ

      I find Instagram confusing, I can’t find the first hour on Melissa’s Instagram page, but can find the additional 16 minutes by clicking on the arrow button on her profile icon, but it doesn’t go next to the preceding hour? It’s a rather annoying application.
      Anyhoo, I wanted to share with the kids the bit where Ron and Melissa are talking about learning, so YouTube is easier for that.

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