Miss Dark Matter?  Looking to interact with fans, cast, and crew of the show? Well maybe the upcoming Dark Matter rewatches are for you.

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 16th) at 3 pm ET/noon PT (check your local times!) actress Melanie Liburd leads a rewatch of her chosen episode, We Should Have Seen This Coming (Episode 206).  Join us for our communal rewatch and live tweet.  And then, once the episode ends, head on over to Melanie’s instagram for a live Q&A with Melanie and Melissa O’Neil.

Melanie Liburd on twitter: @melanieliburd

Melissa O’Neil on twitter: @Mel13Oneil

Melanie Liburd on instagram: @melanieliburd

Melissa O’Neil on instagram: @missoneil


Then, on Friday April 17th at 3 pm ET/noon PT (check your local listings), Melissa O’Neil leads our rewatch of the explosive season 2 finale, But First We Save The Galaxy, with director Ron Murphy.

Ron Murphy on twitter: @centralfiction1

Ron Murphy on instagram: @fakeronmurphy



Came across this throwback pic of our very first date at Tokyo’s Michel Troisgros (pictured with Chef Lionel Beccat, now at the helm of his own tremendous restaurant, Esquisse).  How happy she looked!

Akemi claims she was probably disappointed because she was expecting the promised puppet show that never materialized.  Apparently, back then, I had – in my broken Japanese – asked her out for dinner and informed her we had reservations for 6:30.  But rather than using the term “yoyaku” (reservations) I’d said “yokyo” (stage show/pre-party).  When I’d first used the term, Akemi had asked her mother what the hell I was referring to and her mother, quite impressed, informed her that many of the high-end restaurants put on these special pre-dinner performances for their guests.

Sadly, in the end, there was no performance.  No puppet show.  Just dinner with me.

Akemi’s burgeoning herb garden.

The planter she ordered and spent the morning assembling on our balcony.


The first sprout from Akemi’s tomato seed!  She’s named him Freedo!


Hey, check it out!  Akemi made Dalgona coffeee today, that Korean-style coffee that has been all over the internet lately.  It’s milk topped with whipped instant coffee, sugar, and hot water.

So, what was the verdict?



4 thoughts on “April 15, 2020: Dark Matter rewatch! No puppet show! Gardening! And Dalgona coffee!

  1. Akemi did not look pleased at all. Chef Lionel Beccat must have added some magic into the meal to make her stuck with you all these years. The imaginary yokyo. Good stuff. LOL.

    So, Akemi-ism also means all her plants will have names too?

    Good job with the Dalgona coffeee, Look yummy.

  2. Your blog and Akemi’s videos are the highlights of my days. Thanks for adding entertainment options!

  3. I love the tiny herb garden! That planter is resplendent, I can hardly wait to see it in full swing So much potential!

    I have herb seeds, but a Rocky Mountain spring means no planting just yet. I cannot do more indoor starts as the strawberries are hogging the one good window in the kitchen. I did get out to the neglected garden, there’s volunteer kale, and one lone strawberry plant in the ground. The poppy plant is going strong, and the rhubarb. Chives of course. Once you get chives going, they never quit. If you ever plant lemon balm, stand by. It’s actually a type of mint, which means once it gets going, it takes over and you have lemon balm everywhere, forever. I have to go around the yard and dig it up all the time. Feverfew too. I finally killed off all the yarrow.

    My peonies are up, and the bleeding hearts are blooming. There’s alpine bachelor buttons and hostas and columbines and of course, the roses. The bulb things are coming and going, from crocus to hyacinth and daffys, to the tulips which will open soon. The iris bed is bursting, blooms in May. Very exciting. Perennials are terrific. Sadly, my primroses gave up, and my black hollyhocks have not made a return.

    While the raised beds Larry built for me are for veggies, I will be sowing wildflower seeds and letting them run. My green thumb seems to be limited to hardy plants which do their own thing. I might try for edible stuff in a year or two.

  4. Akemi gets younger looking and even more beautiful every day. Sorta like Suji. She also gets cuter and healthier looking every day. You must be doing something right Joe.

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