The First Round Results from our Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament!


All the Time in the World vs Built, Not Born




Kill Them All vs We Voted Not To Space You




Episode 1 vs Episode 7




I Should’ve Space You When I Had the Chance vs Isn’t That A Paradox?



So on to the semi-finals.  Our Final Four match-ups look like this –


All the Time In The World vs. Kill Them All!


Isn’t That A Paradox? vs. Episode 1




And while our Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament continues, we have a little something special for Dark Matter fans.

I’ve reached out to the cast and asked each cast member to select their favorite episode of the series (Tough.  I know).  In the coming weeks, they’ll be joining us for a special Dark Matter rewatch and post-watch live tweet/instagram fan Q&A sessions.

Who’s in?!

Updates to follow!

15 thoughts on “Who’s up for a little Dark Matter rewatch? Well, the cast for one…

  1. Okay first off, match up one I vote for All The Time In The world. Match up two I vote for Isn’t That A Paradox?
    Second I am so in for the rewatch live tweet party. Yesterday I started watching the series from the start all over again. Caught Ms. O’Neil herself and her current co-star Titus on a Instagram Live last night right before The Rookie came on. Maybe including an Instagram Live component would be possible. Make us all feel a little closer, a little more connected. NYC is very eerie at the moment. I don’t have family here so it is lonely in this time of quarantine. These are strange and different times.
    Anyway, using the time to read and write. I look forward to the Dark Matter rewatch!

  2. Brilliant! Fantastic! I’m in! After all the #@%* going on at the moment this is a breath of wonderfulness. Thank you Joe and cast members for such a brilliant thing to do and share.
    Wow…. Thank you… (I’ll calm down now…. I will 🤭)

  3. I’m in for the re-re-re-re-watch. (because it would be my 4th time rewatching)
    Also want stories of season 4 and 5! PLEEEAAASE!

    1. your a little behind me. i’m currently on my 20th re-watch. 21st watch overall. 1st watch was live airings. 2nd watch was marathon b4 S2 premiere. 3rd watch was during the tweetstorms and 4th-21st has been everyday since I received the blurays.

  4. My vote today is for ´´All the time in the World´´ . I am happy to see that the final 4 includes 3 of my personal favorite Dark Matter episodes and all 4 would have been in your final 4 if ´Wendy´´ had beaten the 1st episode. Great seeing online video of bars and restaurants allover China ( except Wuhan) are once again open with customers -good omens for spring temperatures delivering the same for everybody else !

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