Social distancing.


Sujiko, pug model.


Contemplating life.  And lunch.


That “I just got a great idea!” look.

Your daily Covid-19 news (and embedded links) update:

Your global tracker

Best and worst case outcomes

U.S. gearing up for civil unrest?

China’s cover-up

Japan cover-up

Russia cover-up

Iran cover-up

Why is the virus killing more men than women?

A former astronaut tells you how to deal with isolation and social distancing

90 year old great great grandmother recovers!

Another one to add to the supplement rotation = probiotics

15 anti-viral herbs to keep  you healthy

We’re all in this together!  Unless you work for this Chili’s

Can you get coronavirus from food?  Spoiler alert = Step away from the lunch meat!

How much toilet paper do you really need?  Consult this online toilet paper calculator.

Introducing Susana Distancia, mascot of the Mexican campaign to promote social distancing…

8 thoughts on “March 22, 2020: Suji Sunday! And update.

  1. Thanks, Joe. I shared the astronaut article on FB.

    FINALLY back to (relative) 100%. Took a full 14 days for sinus inflammation to run its course, with help of Rx & OTC meds I had on hand. (Long-time veteran of sinus infections here.)

    Hope everyone else is staying healthy.
    #Iamsyayingathome #yomequedoencasa

  2. Awww, I kinda feel like Suji today in the video. Well, except for the treat on the head. Which reminds me, I would kill for a donut right now. K.I.L.L.

    Was just out for a walk and it feels like the throes of Winter again. BRRR. Saw some deer around the neighbourhood, which is a common occurrence. Wish I could upload pics to here.

    1. Oh, in COVID news for NB, no new cases in the last day, but yesterday there were I think 6 new cases, but all were travel (cruise!) related or traveler contacts. Why people were still going on cruises with all this going on, who knows. Someone on Twitter called them COVIDIOTS.

  3. Utah has had a coronavirus death, a man over 60, underlying health issues, and exposed through travel. This was in the county next to me, just a small urban sprawl city over.

    Don’t most of us over 60 have underlying health issues of some kind?

  4. Beautiful Suji. The calm in the storm.

    (By the way, you would not be able to pull that trick on me.)

  5. I’m going out for dog food today because you never know what will happen tomorrow anymore. And I’m going for the gusto! No more little 15 pound bags of food. My beagle has ordered at least a 30, possibly a 40 pound bag, plus some canned food, and more treats! She doesn’t want to run out so even she has started hoarding…

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